- Ethics Statement -
After falling in love with the world of blogging and YouTube aged fourteen I created Meg Says as a place where I could share my thoughts on life and happiness, as well as having an outlet to talk about my interests like beauty and style. Social media has changed a lot since then, in mainly positive ways (in my opinion) and some negative. For example, it used to be the media (magazines, television etc) who were 'selling' to us so we knew we could trust the opinion of a blogger, as they were just a 'normal' person the same as us who had set up a blog in their spare time as a hobby. There were no monetary incentives, so we knew where we stood and disclaimers like this one weren't really necessary. These days, the line is blurred because bloggers are sometimes paid to talk about certain things and as I'm a reader of blogs as much as I'm a creator of one, I know and understand how this can be confusing. So there's no confusion when it comes to me and Meg Says, all of the opinions expressed on my blog and channel are solely my own and 100% honest.

I'm really proud to say that over the last eight years my ethos has remained the same and I still blog for the same reasons - to share my life and to spread positivity. It never occurred to me that I'd be on the path to turning my hobby into my job when I began, and as I need to work from home for personal reasons I'm even more appreciative of the opportunity to do so. I hope the fact that I've blogged for years for fun and for 'free' is evidence enough that I'd have a blog whether I was able to earn money from it or not, but the fact that I can (from time to time) makes me incredibly grateful and I'm under no illusions that it's thanks to you and your continuous kindness and support. Like everyone I have to make a living, but it's incredibly important to me that anyone who reads my blog or watches my videos knows that I'm driven not by money, but for a love of what I do.

The relationship I've built with you as my audience over the years is invaluable, and I believe it's one that's built on mutual respect - I keep my integrity constant through ensuring that all of my content is honest and sincere, and you trust that myself and my opinions are genuine and unbiased. I strive to make certain that you're treated the way I myself want to be treated as a viewer/reader (respected, seen as an equal, not lied to, appreciated) and it's of the utmost importance to me that you feel safe and happy here. 


- PR Samples -
On my blog and channel you'll see items that were either bought by myself or sent by a company as a PR sample. Either way I treat the item as if I've paid for it with my own money, and there are no exceptions to that rule. It's one of the ways I keep the content on Meg Says completely fair and unbiased, and means that I never recommend anything to my audience that I wouldn't purchase at the full-price myself. I only accept samples if I would genuinely like to try them and/or think they'd be of interest to my audience. I strictly never accept items on a 'product in return for review' basis, so if a company wants guaranteed exposure on my blog/channel for the item they're offering to send then I decline. I'm never obliged to feature anything on Meg Says, and my uncompromising rule that I treat every item as if I've spent my own money on it guarantees that my opinion is never affected by whether I've paid for it or been sent it. Absolutely everything I speak about on my blog and YouTube channel is my own choice, at my own discretion and in my own words. 

- Sponsored Content -
If I choose to feature any sponsored content on Meg Says it will always be after serious consideration, and only if I deem the sponsorship suitable and fair. It absolutely has to be something I truly love, I would spend my own money on, I know suits the theme of Meg Says and I feel is relevant to my audience. My readers and viewers are always at the forefront of my mind when making these decisions, and no amount of money could ever make me feature anything that I wouldn't buy and recommend to a friend myself. Sponsored content will always be clearly stated and in compliance with ASA guidelines. All opinions are 100% my own, honest and genuine. 

- Affiliate Marketing/Advertising -
Meg Says uses affiliate links - on my Shop page and Wishlist widget, and from time to time in my blog posts, YouTube description boxes and social media. This means that I'm able to earn a small amount of commission from items bought through them. You can tell which of my links are affiliate by checking if it starts with 'rstyle.me'. Purchasing something via an affiliate link of mine doesn't add any additional cost to you but there's no pressure or obligation to use my links - if you prefer, you can simply search for the item yourself. 

Any advertisements you see displayed on Meg Says are provided by Google AdSense, and I have no affiliation with any of the brands featured. By visiting this site you are agreeing to the use of cookies. If the only cookies you want are chocolate chip, you can find more information and how to disable them here.

- Content and Plagiarism -
Everything you see and/or read on www.meg-says.com was created by the owner and author of this blog (Meg Says), unless otherwise stated. Without my express and written permission no content (words, images or otherwise) from Meg Says may be used or duplicated.


If you have any questions about any of the above I would much prefer that you ask instead of assume, so please feel free to contact megsaysemailme@gmail.com with any enquiries regarding my ethics statement or disclaimer. Thank you!