Cross the Line

10 December 2014

In August, three friends launched Cross the Line - an Asian fashion designer platform specialising in up-and-coming Asian-based designers. When I was contacted by one of the founders, I was immediately interested as I'm usually approached by British or American brands, not yet having the opportunity to view designs from this part of the world.

After taking a look at Cross the Line, I was impressed by their sleek and minimalistic website and began browsing through some of the different designers featured. One of my favourites is 112 moutainyam, which "expresses the vision of what the contemporary, stylish and independent woman wants in her wardrobe". I'm currently loving all black or white outfits, and I love how this next design - the Black and White Color Blocking Top incorporates the two tones together. If you'd like to incorporate a pop of colour however, the item has been paired with Plate Movement's Landscape Printed Skirt, which I think looks utterly gorgeous. This is absolutely an outfit I'd wear myself and I may need the skirt as it's unique, different and would look amazing with a white blouse and heeled sandals.

Cross The Line also posts monthly inspiration posts, my pick of the bunch being October's Black and White feature. From Coco Chanel quotes - "Women think of all colours, except the absence of colour. Black has it all. White, too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony" - to Cher and Dionne in gym class, their posts are well worth a scroll and I'll be checking back each month to see their current loves.

Have you heard of Cross the Line before? Do you have any favourite pieces?



  1. Absolutely love the idea of that skirt styled exactly as you suggest - it looks so striking and unusual. x
    Kate Louise Blogs

  2. Isn't it amazing, I really want it! x

  3. So cool isn't it, it's a really different piece and I'm sure a lot of people would ask where it's from - it's always nice to find alternative places to shop as you know it's unlikely that someone else will be wearing the same outfit as you! Thank you for reading x