Your Tea Tiny Tea 14-Day Teatox

18 December 2014

As I run a health-based Instagram page called Meg Says Eat and focus on topics such as clean eating, fitness and wellbeing, from time to time I'm lucky enough to try products aimed to help you lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. As someone who drinks anywhere from 3-10 cups a day I was extremely excited when I was contacted by Your Tea and to-tea-ly couldn't wait to try their Tiny Tea Teatox*, of which I was sent the 14-day version.

First of all the packaging is gorgeous and ideal for its purpose, with the teabags individually and conveniently wrapped in hot pink sachets then housed in a pretty cardboard box. The instructions are extremely simple to follow and I also found the Your Tea guide very helpful. Their website also covered every question I could think of and I was glad they'd been so thorough as I'd never tried a 'teatox' before and didn't know what kind of results to expect.

The Tiny Tea Teatox is designed to "nourish and cleanse the digestive system" and "restore your body back to its original health before modern day lifestyles, sugars, fats, stress, inactivity and emotions unravelled it", which I feel is a bold claim and as a chronic illness sufferer I'm probably not the best person to comment on how it impacted upon my health as my body doesn't work 'normally' and how most people's does, but I did notice some improvements that I'll discuss. Some of the various health benefits include:
  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy levels
  • Decreased bloating
  • Clearer skin
Weight loss: As I don't weigh myself and prefer to gauge by the way my body feels rather than the way it looks I can't give any 'facts' on whether I lost weight or not, but I definitely felt trimmer and slimmer. I also saw results from exercise faster - at the time I was in a better place health-wise and during the 14-day teatox I saw more noticeable results from doing Pilates or yoga daily such as better muscle definition, especially around my abs. I've never taken progress photos - although I wish I had at the start and end of the teatox! - but there are countless 'before and after' photos on their Instagram, which you can find here

Increased energy levels: I live with the neuroimmune illness ME - read more about that here - and chronic fatigue is one of the key symptoms, so I was eager to see if Tiny Tea would help my energy levels but can't say that I noticed any improvement. Although, it's important to remember that many other factors play a huge role in my symptoms and to be honest I'd be bowled over if a tea could impact upon an incurable, long-term disease! A notable benefit for chronic illness sufferers however is that it brought a better sense of structure to my life. I suffer from sleep dysfunction and deal with both insomnia and hypersomnia on a regular basis, and having that routine of getting out of bed (if possible) for a cup in the morning, at lunch and then taking one to bed again at night was beneficial.

Decreased bloating: For me personally this is the most notable benefit, as although I don't suffer with visible bloating I often find that the process of eating a meal wipes me out - this is due to having ME - and afterwards I feel even more lethargic and drained than usual. During the Tiny Tea teatox I noticed that digestion didn't hit me as hard and I felt less 'heavy' and weighed down. My stomach was also completely flat, even after large meals!

Clearer skin: My skin is one of my main problem areas and I was hoping that the teatox would help to combat breakouts and congestion, but the only improvement I noticed was brighter and more radiant skin - due to the Tiny Tea's ability to "clear the body of imbalances, toxins and waste" and probably also due to drinking more fluids on a daily basis. In August this year I completed the Whole 30 (here) and was over the moon as my skin was 100% blemish-free, then after reintroducing dairy to my diet I was back to square one. As a result I've now eliminated dairy from my diet and believe that it was the cause of my skin issues, so if I were to try the teatox again minus dairy I'd imagine I'd notice results.

The taste reminds me of rooibos tea, quite 'woody' and herbal and dark in colour. At first I didn't like the 'earthy' taste and added half a teaspoon of organic honey to each cup, but I soon got used to it and was able to enjoy my three daily cups as they came.

One thing I'd like to mention is the price and possible 'placebo' effect, as I think that £20 to £31 is very steep for a box of tea and it's easy to be suckered into thinking that you'll - *Cady Harons voice* "drop ten pounds like that" - but I believe it's better to do this through proper nutrition and exercise. If you're eating fast food vs. greens and drinking cola vs. water, it's unlikely that spending money on a 'quick fix' will give you the long-term results that you're after. Basically, if you're already eating a well balanced diet, can afford to spend this much on tea and would like to try the teatox to supplement your already healthy lifestyle, then go for it. If £31 is a weekly shop to you and you're beginning to improve your health, I'd recommend spending that money on fresh, healthy food and starting from there. For healthy tips from Your Tea click here, and for Natalie Kringoudis' eating plan click here.

Overall I would recommend the Tiny Tea Teatox as I really enjoyed my 14-day experience, would happily do it again and the countless glowing reviews and progress photos (here) speak for themselves, plus I loved having more structure and routine in my life thanks to trialling this product. The packaging is cute enough to buy this for someone as a gift, also!

Have you tried the Tiny Tea Teatox or any products from Your Tea before?


  1. I do really want to try this detox. I think doing it after Christmas will be the perfect time, I will need to detox all of the junk out of my body!

  2. I did the Stripteas teatox and it was amazing - the flavours were delicious and I had great results. I definitely need some for after Christmas....

    Lauren x

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  3. It's a good'un, I know how much you love tea, too - it'd be perfect! Ah yeah good thinking, I need a proper detox too, this flare has made me turn to chocolate Hobnobs and nothing but chocolate Hobnobs x

  4. Ooh I haven't heard of that one, I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation :) I'm currently doing the Skinny Boo one and I'm loving it as well, I just love tea in general so all of these 'teatoxes' are absolutely perfect! x

  5. your photography is flawless x

    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  6. Aww, thank you! I took these on my phone as I didn't have a proper camera at the time, so that's nice to hear :) x

  7. Definitely do, I loved doing it! Apparently it's the only teatox on the market that doesn't have a laxative effect (sorry - definitely TMI!) too so it's probably your best bet if you do want to try one. No worries, hope you enjoy it if you give it a go :) thanks for reading! x

  8. i've always wanted to try something like this!

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