New Zoella Beauty Cosmetic Bags & Giveaway

14 January 2016

There's no delivery quite like a new release from Zoella Beauty and I'm going to put down to the pastel colours, the copper detailing, the heavenly scents and the way it makes you exclaim 'everything is wrapped in rose gold and has bows and ahhh it's all just so pretty!'

You may have seen my unboxing and first impressions reviews of some recent releases such as the Christmas range as well as the Tutti Fruity collection, and today I have both of the new cosmetic bags to show you. First up we have the Winking Beauty Bag* which features a really cool design that's like a real-life gif - hold the bag one way and it shows Zoë's eyes open, then tilt it down for a cheeky little wink! The rest of the bag is white with turquoise polka dots and I love how it's big enough to fit all of my brushes in as well as my larger makeup items - you definitely won't need to leave anything out and I feel like I could fit my skincare in here as well if I was packing light to go on a trip.

Next is the Favourite Things Beauty Bag* in a really pretty warm pinky coral shade with glittery lettering that spells out a song title that'll have you getting all Julie Andrews at your dressing table every morning as you apply your lipstick! On the reverse are lots of Zoë's favourite things which left me feeling really positive and happy, as appreciating some of the niceness in life is a lovely thing and I definitely don't object to starting my day with a little 'isn't it great that pizza exists?' reminder courtesy of my makeup bag.

One of the main things I look for in a makeup bag is how well it'll last, because a few different things can go wrong with cosmetics; lipstick lids can fall off and colour the lining cherry red, kohl pencils have this odd ability to somehow get all over the outside and cleansing oils can leak so that your eyeshadow pots bob along in a camomile sea... it's a minefield. So, it's brilliant when you're able to simply wipe makeup bags clean and have them looking brand new and shiny again - which you can do with the pair of these! Another thing I look for is a good, sturdy zip and again, these get two more ticks from me and both feel very high-quality and well-made as well as being pretty darn cute.

I have both of the new cosmetics bags for one lucky winner, so to be in with a chance of owning these yourself please head over to this tweet to see how to enter the giveaway!

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