The Moisturiser 'Wardrobe' For Every Skin Type

14 July 2016

The Caudalie Vinosource range rocks my world. Four out of eight products are moisturisers, all designed specifically to hydrate, which makes it incredibly easy to choose which is best suited to you... or if you're like me and you've got combination skin or skin that changes throughout the course of the seasons (and you're just a total beauty addict, let's face it) you can have all four knocking around in your bathroom cabinet ready to be whipped out depending on your skin's current needs.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet £23
Is it just me, or does the word 'sorbet' make your mouth water slightly? I immediately conjure up visions of eating a delicious fruity sorbet whilst draped over a pool lounger somewhere hot... I digress, but just as an icy bowl of sorbet is refreshing when the weather is warm, this product is thirst-quenching when your skin needs a good drink. Calling all dehydrated and combination skin types, here's your match! It's hard to believe how nourishing this is when you consider how light and cool the gel-cream formula feels on the skin, and it has the most gorgeously 'green' and fresh grape scent. I've been using this as my go-to day moisturiser because of how smooth and bouncy my skin looks and feels after applying it, and it sits beautifully under foundation.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid £23
This has a lighter, more fluid-like texture than the sorbet and would be the perfect moisturiser for someone with oily skin thanks to its "instant mattifying effect and long-lasting oil-control action." As I have combination skin that leans on the dry side but with a shiny t-zone, I apply this before I do my makeup and think it's such a lovely lightweight base. Non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic (and with that same grape scent) it restores the skin's balance and I always feel like my moisture levels have been replenished without overloading my face with weighty creams. In the warmer months especially I really dislike feeling like my skin is 'clogged' by heat and products, and this has answered my 'which moisturiser is best for summer?' prayers.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisture Recovery Cream £23
Moving onto dry skin's best friend now, this moisturiser is designed to "restore the hydrolipidic layer and strengthen the skin's barrier function" and has a richer formula whilst still feeling lightweight and non-sticky. The scent is still the same 'green' fragrance, albeit slightly less fresh and slightly more soft. The way I'd describe this is 'comforting', as you immediately lose any tightness due to dryness and you're left with comfortably soft and supple skin. I'd use this as a daycream during the winter, and around this time of year I find it perfect for nighttime.

Caudalie Vinosource Intense Moisture Cream £23
As the name would suggest, this is the most intensely moisturising of the bunch and I'd say this is best for very dry skin, which I do sometimes get along with small patches of eczema. I can wave goodbye to those skin ailments with the help of this little tube of glory however, as it envelops skin in such a hydrating, nourishing hug and does the world of good for my skin when it's feeling sore, tight, irritated and uncomfortably dry. It's incredibly soothing but again doesn't feel heavy and I love that I can wake up, touch my skin and still feel the benefits from the application the night before.

A moisturiser 'wardrobe' for every skin type, change and need? Tick!

Summer & Holiday Style Picks

13 July 2016

Ooooh, summer clothing! There's just something about a floaty little white dress with a pair of tan lace-up sandals that gets my heart fluttering and my fingers clicking 'add to basket' like nobody's business. I've got a holiday booked with my boyfriend and our friends to Italy, and with a week and a half left to go I've been trawling the likes of ASOS, Missguided and Topshop for a last-minute off-the-shoulder embroidered top, one more pair of pom-pom beach shorts and yet another cute striped playsuit.

 Whether you're lucky enough to be jetting off to an exotic island where an ombre bandage bodycon dress that looks like the ocean is acceptable or you're making the most of the British summer in a seriously pretty floral dress (albeit with a white cardigan over the top), hopefully I've found some picks that'll see you through. Ah and before I forget, I realise that the majority of these pieces are white or blue or, you guessed it, white and blue. What can I say, I'm a girl who likes what she likes!

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Soft Luxe Collection Swatches & Review

8 July 2016

I'm a real Tanya Burr Cosmetics fan, and not just because I've watched Tanya on YouTube since I first discovered her channel seven years ago through Sam from Pixiwoo doing her makeup! Although it's always brilliant and inspiring to see Team Internet doing so well, Tanya's range holds its own amongst both drugstore and high-end brands alike and I couldn't recommend her products more.

Last week the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Soft Luxe Collection was launched and consists of three matte lip colours, two eyeshadow palettes and three matte nail polishes. I tested the products for the first time on camera and gave you my initial thoughts in this video and am holding two giveaways here, and today I wanted to share some more in-depth opinions of the line with you now that I've had the chance to use the range every day.

Soft Luxe Matte Lip in 'Puppy Paws', 'Rhubarb & Custard' & 'Martha Moo'
These were definitely the product I was most excited to try as I love the whole matte liquid lipstick trend and couldn't wait to see Tanya's take on it. Housed in the same packaging as the glosses but with a frosted glass-esque finish, the formulation is a lightweight and intensely pigmented cream that dries down to a matte finish. I'd recommend making sure your lips are in good condition before applying as matte formulas emphasise dry patches, so get rid of any flakiness by using a lip scrub (I love LUSH Mint Julips) and a good balm. The applicator makes the application process incredibly easy and is the perfect design for creating an even shape without using a lipliner. As with most (if not all) matte liquid lipsticks they can tend to feel a little drying if you wear them for hours and hours on end but the plus side to that is that they do last a really decent amount of time, and although it needed a teeny touch-up in the centre mine was still hanging around after a hefty mac and cheese. One of my favourite things about these is that you can layer other products on top and it looks absolutely fine - I've tried this in the past with other matte liquid lipsticks and things got pretty messy, whereas these lie beautifully beneath a gloss or lipstick.

'Martha Moo' is a deep 90s nude with equal amounts of muted brown and dark pink, and in my experience is the easiest to apply and the most wearable. This paired with flawless skin and winged liner are a match made in heaven and I've been reaching for this most days, especially as it wears really nicely and doesn't need to be touched up too often.

If you like to experiment with your lip colour and like pale white-based shades, 'Puppy Paws' might be the one for you. I found the application to be a little tricky as any mistakes are way more noticeable, but I think I've got it down after realising that you need the teeniest amount of product (excess begone!) and the thinnest layer possible. Make sure you go over your entire lip with the colour to avoid any distinct lines between the shade and your natural lip colour, and be prepared for some chalkiness and gathering of the product if you put on too much. Those issues aside the colour itself is a breath of fresh air as it really brightens your complexion, and it would look so cool for festivals or summer parties!

'Rhubarb & Custard' screams 'holiday lippy!' to me as it's a gorgeously vibrant and warm watermelon pink that'd complement a tan beautifully, and I'm already envisioning pairing this with a floaty white maxi dress for dinner in Italy later this month. This would work well on so many different skintones and makes your teeth look whiter, as well as applying like an absolute dream and drying down to a matte finish in around ten to fifteen seconds. As these shades are 100% opaque you don't need to build the colour up at all and one light application is all that's needed, and I find that touching up is fairly non-fussy also.

Shades: Marzipan (shimmery light pink champagne), Toast (matte peach tan), Cocoa Sugar (highly shimmery deep bronze) and Soft Truffle (matte dark chocolate).

Seriously, I'm such a fan of the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palettes and really can't fault them from the pigmentation to the price to the longevity. As soon as I saw the 'Birthday Suit' palette I knew it would be going straight into my everyday makeup bag and I've worn it every single day since I got it which includes filming videos, going to meetings, at evening events and out for drinks with friends which shows how versatile it is. I love how you can create a daytime look with Marzipan all over the lid and Toast in the crease, then amp things up for nighttime by adding Cocoa Sugar along your lower lashline and blending Soft Truffle through the crease. You really can't go wrong with these shades and I'm always blown away by how high quality the shadows look and feel, especially for the £6 price tag. 

Shades: Moonlit Walk (shimmery champagne gold), Cocoa Plum (shimmery purple brown), Berry Souffle (matte pink taupe) and Magic Carpet (matte dark plum).

Having blue eyes that benefit from nude, champagne and bronze colours to make them stand out I don't usually gravitate towards purple-toned palettes, however I was pleasantly surprised by how wearable I found the 'Enchanted Dream' palette. My go-to look with this is to apply Cocoa Plum all over the lid with Berry Souffle through the crease and on my lower lashline, Magic Carpet used as a liner with an angled brush and Moonlit Walk in the inner corners of my eyes to pull everything together. I've never experienced any fallout with the shimmery shades and they're so brilliantly buildable, and the matte shades are some of the most pigmented and creamy that I've ever used. As you can probably tell I'd really recommend these palettes, even more so that they're affordable!

Soft Luxe Matte Nail Polish in 'New Chapter', 'Soft Pyjamas' & 'Piggy Bank'
In the same packaging as Tanya's original nail polish line (the shades 'Duvet Day' and 'Frosting Cupcakes' are two of my all-time favourite colours!) but with an expensive-looking frosted glass finish, the Matte Nail Polishes come in three shades and are a dream to use. They apply like a regular glossy nail polish then turn completely matte as they dry which is around a minute, and you can get away with one coat although I like to do two so they're true to colour. The gold lid comes off so you can get a more precise application, and the brush is incredibly straightforward and quick to use. I found that I needed slightly more product on the brush to ensure a streak-free finish, and I love how you get 'the best of both worlds' as they look really pretty matte or you can use a shiny topcoat.

The shades themselves are muted, elegant and modern which is exactly what I go for and they look so chic with any nail shape and outfit. 'New Chapter' is very similar to my favourite light grey polish 'Duvet Day' with a slightly more purple hue, and this is definitely one of those shades that's perfect for when you're not sure what you're going to be wearing so you need a 'suits all' polish. 'Soft Pyjamas' is my favourite of the bunch as it's different to anything else I have in my collection, which is an equally lilac, grey and taupe shade that looks understated yet noticeable at the same time. Finally we have 'Piggy Bank' which I'd describe as a mauve pink, and again I don't really own any shades like this as most of the pinks I use are either so light they're almost white or so bright they're Barbie-esque, whereas this is a very grown-up rosy pink that looks lovely and ladylike.

So, that's the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Soft Luxe Collection! Although I love everything my top three recommendations would be the Matte Lip in 'Martha Moo', the Birthday Suit Eyeshadow Palette and the Matte Nail Polish in 'Soft Pyjamas', and I think the entire line is so pretty and well done. Everything from the shade names to the packaging to the design is brilliantly executed and the prices are impressive considering the quality is akin to that of products triple the cost. Don't forget to enter my Tanya Burr Cosmetics giveaway here, and you can see my initial thoughts of the collection after using them for the first time on camera in this video.

The Products Your Morning Routine Has Been Waiting For (& Giveaway!)

2 July 2016

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Morning routines - we all have one, and I'd bet a hefty buck that most of us stick to that same one day in and day out. I'm a firm believer in variety being the spice of life and that change is good for the soul, so recently I've challenged myself to switch things up in the morning department and try something different. Every once in a while instead of my usual English breakfast tea I treat myself to a decadent cappuccino from the coffee machine, over lounging on the sofa catching up on Snapchat stories  I do a little light Pilates pre-breakfast, and rather than using whatever gel is hanging about on the shelf I use the newly launched Original Source Moisturising Shower Milks.

I've found that simply adding something new and fresh to your morning routine can have such a positive impact on the rest of your day, and these shower milks definitely do that for me! I'm very motivated by scents and these are so incredibly vivacious and fruity that it's impossibly not to feel uplifted and happier thanks to the fragrance alone.

Another way they've been putting a smile on my face is how they make me feel physically, as they're packed full of 100% natural moisturisers which gives me super-soft, smooth and nourished skin every time. Since discovering shower milks I'm much more inclined to use them over a shower gel as I love the extra hydration, especially when leading a busy lifestyle as so many of us do. Less time putting on body cream post-shower so there's more time for breakfast? Yes please! The vegan milk extracts soothe and protect even my sensitive and eczema-prone skin, gently cleansing to leave it smelling sweet and feeling beautiful.

The only dilemma I've encountered since using the Original Source Moisturising Shower Milks is having to choose which one to use each morning which isn't a bad problem to have, let's face it! With four scents in the collection you're bound to find one to suit your fancy - or, if you're like me, all of them will! - and the range really is made up of the most delightfully delicious fragrances. It's hard to pick a favourite, but Lime and Coconut Milk really does it for me because as soon as I drizzle it onto my shower lily and start applying it I'm instantly transported to a tropical paradise. Seriously, if I shut my eyes I can practically imagine that I'm in a beach villa in The Bahamas surrounded by impossibly blue seas and palm trees - it's that good. Zesty, zingy and clean, it definitely brings sunshine to my morning whatever the weather.

Another summery scent with tropical vibes is Green Banana and Bamboo Milk which I was very pleasantly surprised by due to how unique it is - the combination of the two scents are refreshing to say the least and this is my boyfriend's favourite of the bunch. If you like sweeter scents then you'll love Sweet Apple and Vanilla Milk which is, in a word, dreamy. With an irresistibly soft fragrance and in the prettiest pink shade it's guaranteed to put a pep in your step and set you up for the day in a way unlike no other. Last but not least we have the mouthwatering Cherry and Almond Milk, a cherry bakewell lovers dream that smells good enough to eat! As with the rest of the range it's full to the brim with beautifully moisturising ingredients to pamper your skin with much-needed thirst-qunching moisture.

Would I like to start a busy day with a bang? Invigorating lime. Am I feeling like having a chilled weekend? Luxurious almond milk. I'm extremely happy to say that the list goes on and the variety means I can choose a scent based on my mood, plus the fragrances last really well on your skin which I love. Another thing I adore and admire is Original Source's ethos; priced at £2.20 for 250ml, every product is vegan with 100% natural moisturisers and 100% natural fragrance, is not tested on animals and the bottles are recyclable.

Will you be trying the new Moisturising Shower Milks from Original Source, and are there any ways you actively switch up your routine? Let me know on Twitter at @megsaystweet and @originalsource, and don't forget to use the hashtag #shakeupyourshower. Below is a UK-only giveaway to win the entire collection of Original Source Moisturising Shower Milks, simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter form to enter and a winner will be chosen on the closing date and contacted via email by Thank you, and good luck!

This post is sponsored by Original Source. All opinions are 100% my own and honest. No affiliate links have been used. For more information, please see my disclaimer here

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Tanya Burr Soft Luxe Collection Giveaway

1 July 2016

As you'll know if you're subscribed to my YouTube channel, I use Tanya Burr Cosmetics in my daily routine all the time - my favourites are the 'Hollywood' Eyeshadow Palette, 'Rosy Flush' Cheek Palette and 'Duvet Day' Nail Polish which I wholeheartedly love and am constantly recommending.

I was so excited when Tanya announced that she was bringing out a new range and I seriously couldn't wait to get my hands on the products to try them out - especially when I heard that the line would include matte lip and nail options! The collection is absolutely dreamy with lots of soft pastel hues and elegant neutral shades, of which I'll be swatching and reviewing for you in a post very soon.

As I love seeing Team Internet doing their thing (very well) and you guys seem to really love my unboxing videos, I tested out the products for the first time on camera here and had so much fun filming this video as I always do! I decided to include two giveaways for you also, and you can find the information for how to enter those below.


The Rafflecopter form below is for the main prize, which is 2x Tanya Burr Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palettes. A winner will be chosen (at random by a computer) when the giveaway officially ends (20.07.16 at 12am) and I will then contact them via email on the same day - please be wary of fake accounts, I will only email you from my account. The giveaway is open internationally, and if you're under 16 years of age please ask a parent/guardian before entering. Thanks so much, and good luck!


As I know that not everyone has social media, I made sure that none of the mandatory requirements to enter to win the main prize included those. For the people who do, there will be an Instagram giveaway of 2x Tanya Burr Cosmetics Soft Luxe Matte Lips that will end at the same time as the main prize. A winner will be chosen and contacted after the giveaway has ended via Instagram direct message from my @megsays_ account. To enter, follow the instructions on this post here.

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