Current Nightwear Wishlist & Favourites

12 April 2014

I spend the majority of my time in pyjamas and any fellow ME-suffering compadres will hear me loud and clear on this one: comfort is paramount when you're constantly poorly and therefore a nice pair of pjs are a necessity. Since becoming housebound, I've amassed quite the collection and with the exception of my extra good days (we're talking going outside here, people)... 
                   you'll find me in one of the following items

Commencing with the queen of nightwear, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's collaboration with M&S is complete I-want-every-piece perfection. If I had to narrow it down and choose my favourites from Rosie For Autograph, the Luxurious Satin and Pure Silk 'Revere' pyjamas are beautiful, as are the camisole and French short sets (particularly in Oyster, although Mushroom comes close). The teddies (which used to come in a dove grey that I tried to buy on many occasions and my size was always sold out - go figure) are so dainty and cute, and it's a tie for my last most wanted item between the Printed Chiffon in Light Cream and the Silk in Winter White. Let's face it...
RHW could design a bin bag and I'd want it

Rosie For Autograph camisole and French short set
Whilst we're on the topic of beautiful blondes who make us want to buy sleepwear, let's talk Candice Swanepoel for a second. Have pyjamas ever looked so good? Not since Rosie wore 'em, that's for sure. Notable Victoria's Secret pjs include The Sleepover cotton and The Afterhours satin - both in the iconic pink stripe, obviously. Winter pjs sorted, VS also do boxer short versions of their classic pyjamas like The Cotton Mayfair that are nice for warmer months. Last but not least, their sleepshirts are so comfortable and have that whole man's shirt on a woman thing going on, but prettier. 

Clockwise from top left: Victoria's Secret 'The Afterhours' satin pyjamas | Cath Kidston 'Boyfriend' nightshirt | Rosie For Autograph Silk teddy | Hush Silk pyjamas | Victoria's Secret 'The Dreamer' flannel pyjamas | Rosie For Autograph Satin Revere pyjamas
If clean designs and soft, feminine prints are your cup of Earl Grey, Hush will be right up your street. Their branding is spot on and I'm in love with their website alone for its beautiful photography, simplicity and book and music recommendations. Nice touch. They even post Pinterest quotes that'll make you want to curl up in front of the fire with a cup of cocoa - need I say more? I almost can't handle how lovely the Vintage Rose brushed cotton pyjamas are and they're easily my favourite of the bunch, closely followed by the modern and ever so cute Swimmers, summery Coral and timeless Silk
Hush, you're the answer to my pyjama prayers and I L-O-V-E ya. 

 Hush Antique Rose pyjamas 
ASOS is positively (jim)jam-packed - I just couldn't resist a pyjama related pun, forgive me - full of pretty pjs, housing a zillion different brands plus their own collection which also gets the sleepwear stamp of approval.

                                                       Here's the best of the bunch:

There's something understatedly chic about a button-down shirt and drawstring trouser pairing and River Island's Traditional Stripe pyjamas are no exception. Not to be overshadowed, their Paisley and Tiger prints are equally gorgeous in their own right, with honourable mentions going to their sugary sweet Cupcake set and elegant could-I-pull-that-off-as-a-dress CamiI'm a sucker for a floral print and nobody does it better than Cath Kidston. I'm wearing the Camberwell Rose as I type, love my Kentish Rose pair and have the Olympa Rose Henley set and Boyfriend Night Shirt in my ASOS 'Saved Items'. Other items waiting patiently for me to click 'Add To Bag' include the Jack Wills Classic PJ Set, Joules Hepworth Night Shirt and Gossard Flower Rush cami and French knicker short duo. Is it obvious how much I like florals yet? I also have my eye on the Wildfox Up All Night cami set which is entirely appropriate for a sleep disorder sufferer like myself and would be perfect for those awful attacks of sleep reversal. Having exhausted their nightwear section, let's move swiftly onto ASOS themselves and cut to the chase - my personal favourites are the Ditsy Floral teddy and Lace Trim teddy from the Boudoir range, and the entire Woven Floral Print line. I heart them all.

Left: Cath Kidston Kentish Rose pyjama bottoms | Right: Cath Kidston Olympia Rose Henley pyjamas
I'm personally not a fan of bed socks, but have taken the liberty of scouring the web in search of the cutest pairs for those of you are. Take your pick from The White Company or Pure for cashmere, Fat Face is worth a look for nice Fairisle prints and be sure to peruse Joules as their socks are apparently "so fluffy they're famous". If you don't want to break the bank, there's not a doubt in my mind that the ever-affordable Primark will have plenty of cheap, cheerful and cosy socks. However if you do want to break the bank, one of my bestest buddies kindly gave me a pair of Corgi Cashmere/Cotton socks after I'd had a particularly rough time with my illness, they're b-e-a-uuutiful and I highly recommend them if you're looking to splash out in the hosiery department. I'd happily wear any of those all day long, but shudder at the thought of actually sleeping in them... is feet claustrophobia a 'thing'?

The White Company cashmere bed socks
With sleepwear well and truly covered, I'm currently planning a part two on loungewear and also my stay at a pyjama rehabilitation clinic to curb my addiction. The first step is admitting I have a problem... and the second is to stop browsing Selfridges wishing I had £300+ to buy a pair of Olivia Von Halle's Silks.



  1. I love Next pyjamas, they're so so comfy!

    I started a blog a year ago but I'm bedbound all the time now and can never leave my bedroom so I don't get to post much, though luckily my boyfriend does for me, and finding your blog the other day has inspired me to try more m.e posts. I find it really hard to write about it, preferring to write about other things. I guess I'm just really nervous about it but your blog has given me the push I need :)

    1. Hi Laura, thanks so much for your comment! I don't have any from Next but will have a little look next time I'm in there, always on the hunt for a new pair of pjs ;)

      So sorry to hear about your situation, it sounds like you have a really supportive boyfriend - how lovely of him to continue posting on your blog for you! Would you mind telling me the URL, I'd love to have a look? I agree, chronic illness is so hard to talk openly about and I've found it really challenging, but I've had a 100% positive response from family and friends as well as other sufferers, and it makes it feel worth it when people tell me that it's helped them (or simply that they know what ME is, now!)

      I think it's great if ME sufferers choose not to talk about it either - the illness doesn't define us as individuals and we've got a lot more to us that this disease. I'd like to include more lifestyle-y posts on here as I've got a lot of interests that I'd love to talk about aside from ME, but as I've just started my blog I've got so much to get off my chest! I'm really happy to hear that, and I'd be really interested to read what you've got to say if you do decide to post about ME. Lots of love! x

    2. The URL is

      Thank you for your reply :) Your blog has definitely given me lots of inspiration! Definitely try lifestyle posts whenever you're ready, I love being able to write about something that's not based around m.e, it's just me.

      Love to you x

    3. Thank you, I'll be sure to take a look! No problem :) so happy to hear that, good luck! I write weekly updates but they're more for the benefit of my family and friends who I don't often get to see that much anymore, and I'd like to branch out a little :) love to you too! x

  2. I got quite a bit larger after getting ME (took 2 years to diagnose) I also have Psoriasis and I'm hugely prone to static shock so cotton jammies all the way here. I get mine from Bon Prix and Evans (also on eBay)

    1. As I'm not able to exercise with my ME I 'eat clean', it helps keep the weight off and I hope it's doing some good from the inside also - my Instagram account is @megsayseat if you're interested! Thanks, I have lots of cotton pj tops and think they're the comfiest, I like long silk bottoms though :)