Twenty-One You've Been Fun, But I'm Feelin' Twenty-Two

21 October 2015

Today is 21st October 2015, officially my last ever day being twenty-one and when the clock strikes midnight I'll be another year older, another year wiser! Admittedly writing that sentence made me pause mid-type and start singing the theme tune from The Rugrats: All Grown Up - I still know every single word so maybe I'm not *that* grown up just yet - but hey, I love birthdays and a good reflection so what better than a little look back at what twenty-one was like?

Minimal Accessorising with Daniel Wellington & Sissim

14 October 2015

I'm all about the minimal look when it comes to accessorising, and recently I've completely fallen in love with two brands that tick every box that I look for in my jewellery and watches - classic feel, modern edge, simple, chic, pretty, 'me'.

First up is my new watch, the Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Lady*. Since I got this - aside from showering and sleeping! - I haven't taken it off as for me, it's my ideal watch and I couldn't be happier with it. I was torn between a brown or black Italian leather strap but opted for the latter and am so pleased with my choice - I live in muted tones of grey, white, navy and cream and believe that you can never go wrong with an all-black ensemble, so it suits me down to the ground and goes with virtually everything in my wardrobe. The 'silver or rose gold' choice was much simpler for me - I went for rose gold! - and against the eggshell white dial it's just impossibly gorgeous.

Ten Life Lessons We Learnt From 'Mean Girls'

3 October 2015

Perfection takes movie form in Mean Girls. Don't be fooled, it may seem like your typical teenage high school comedy but in reality it is so much more than that.

If like me you first watched Mean Girls when it first came out and have seen it hundreds of times over the past decade, you'll probably agree that Tina Fey pretty much wrote a masterpiece. Although set in Illinois I actually think the film takes place in Girl World - a world that Cady's "like a Martian" in, and seeing her navigate the rules and hierarchies that exist within it say so much about being a teenage girl. Not only a film that can be quoted in any situation, but a film that genuinely taught me so many life lessons as I was growing up. Here are ten!

#1 You're not better than anyone else, so don't act like it
Because although it might not necessarily end by getting hit by a bus, the chances are that it won't end well. Life can sometimes be a bit like high school in that cliques exist, but who are we to look down on others and decide that we're somehow 'more'? Regina initially decided who was 'cool enough'and wound up getting excluded for wearing sweatpants on a Monday, y'know? Adopt a kinder, more inclusive attitude and be all "you CAN sit with us".

#2 Be a little more like Miss Norbury
...or at least find someone who's like Miss Norbury to help guide you through the muddy waters of being a teenager. She's just so wise - how did she get so wise?! - and she always knows what to do, so when in doubt it's a good idea to ask yourself what Miss Norbury would do. She also takes her wig off when she's drunk, or something. She imparts her wisdom throughout the film (see #3 and #4 for examples) and to me, she's quite the role model.