Minimal Accessorising with Daniel Wellington & Sissim

14 October 2015

I'm all about the minimal look when it comes to accessorising, and recently I've completely fallen in love with two brands that tick every box that I look for in my jewellery and watches - classic feel, modern edge, simple, chic, pretty, 'me'.

First up is my new watch, the Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Lady*. Since I got this - aside from showering and sleeping! - I haven't taken it off as for me, it's my ideal watch and I couldn't be happier with it. I was torn between a brown or black Italian leather strap but opted for the latter and am so pleased with my choice - I live in muted tones of grey, white, navy and cream and believe that you can never go wrong with an all-black ensemble, so it suits me down to the ground and goes with virtually everything in my wardrobe. The 'silver or rose gold' choice was much simpler for me - I went for rose gold! - and against the eggshell white dial it's just impossibly gorgeous.

Beautifully crafted and with interchangeable wristbands - I'm tempted to save up for a Classic Bristol to add to my timepiece wardrobe! - this watch is now a staple in my wardrobe and absolutely the perfect finishing touch to every outfit I've worn it with so far. I also feel like it has this ability to dress things up as well as it dresses things down, which sounds impossible when I type it... but sport it with black jeans and a checked shirt and you go from 'just casual' to 'casually chic', then pair it with a little black dress and hey presto, you've got yourself a very effortless 'I'm not even trying but I look darn fabulous' air about you. I tell you, it's almost magical...

I really like that whole 'man's shirt on a woman' look and get that slightly androgynous feel from this piece, almost like you've borrowed your boyfriend's watch, but the rose gold leans more feminine and girly. Mixing different metals with your accessories is such a stunning look in my book, so I opted for silver rings to contrast with the watch. These come courtesy of Sissim and I genuinely haven't come across a jewellery brand that I love as much as I love this one in forever, I'm totally loveheart-eye emoji'd over their pieces and it's one of those websites where I'm like yep... I'm gonna need it all.

Aren't they just the prettiest rings? The simplicity of the design is so my cup of tea it's unreal, and I couldn't stop looking down when I was wearing these. I've been looking for a Knot Ring* for a really long time so I'm over the moon to finally have one, I think the One Ring* is super cute and I feel very 'I need to Instagram my hands' whenever I'm wearing the Circle Ring*. You could just wear a single ring on its own, stack them, wear one on every finger... the options are endless and I'm incredibly tempted to make a very large order as this really is a selection of a much larger range - so the Sticks Ring, the V Ring and a few more friends might be making their way into my collection in future!

All four pieces together create such a classy and ladylike look, I felt like they were the most gorgeous adornments to my outfit and if you couldn't already tell, I'm super happy to have these in my autumn arsenal. With that said, if you see me wandering around clutching a pumpkin spice latte whilst taking frequent and slow sips, I'm probably not doing it for the sweet cinnamon-y goodness... I'm doing it to show off my jewellery

For limited time only you can use my 15% discount code 'MegSays' on the Daniel Wellington website. What's your favourite watch or jewellery store?


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