The Ultimate Nude Liquid Lipstick - That's Also Glossy!

18 October 2019

bareMinerals GEN NUDE Patent Lip Lacquer High Shine Liquid Lipstick

Described as
"nude liquid lipstick with a moisturising formula, full-coverage colour and a high shine finish"

Meg says...
Whenever I ask my boyfriend "do you like my lipstick?" he replies, 99% of the time, with "yes, it's a... pinky nude". Pinky nudes are LIFE. So the fact that bareMinerals have brought out an entire range of pinky nude lip products? LIFE MADE.

Simple, sleek and slim in a long thin tube - perfect for chucking in your handbag (or, y'know, any other receptacle). My only gripe is that after a few months of use the product has kind of overflowed and gone all over the lid, but to be fair I don't think I've ever used a lipgloss on a daily basis that didn't require some kind of wipe/tissue clean-up at some point.

These have a fairly thick consistency, but in all of the best ways - balmy and cushiony and gorgeous - and are the kind of gloss you'd happily use instead if you forgot a lip balm, as they contain a moisturising mineral complex. Thin glosses aren't the one for me as they wear off far too quickly and don't have that lovely 'bouncy' feeling that these do. I can imagine that if you're used to thin glosses or only wear lipsticks then you might describe these as sticky, but in my opinion a little tackiness is what makes a glossy liquid lipstick perfect - you need that tack for the colour payoff and ultimate staying power!

Smooth af. Seriously, the application is so satisfying! The soft applicator is dual-sided (one side being one more flat and the other with a little hollow to hold more product) and both are the perfect shape for starting on the outside of your lip and then the cupid's bow.

Think freshly baked gooey double chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven. Oh, yeah.

I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if you find it really hard to choose a shade in this range, especially if you're shopping online, so that's where I come in to help. Get the shade 'Everything'. It is, in fact, everything. A warm, deep pink nude with the right amounts of mauve and brown, it's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that'll compliment every skin tone and is a product that I'll shout from the rooftops about until my throat's sore.

I also love 'Can't Even' which is a lighter baby pink nude and 'Dahling', which is fairly similar to 'Everything'. I kind of want (read: am convincing myself I need) every single shade!

An impressively glossy, full-coverage nude pink lip that feels ridiculously comfortable to wear. There's no need to dip back into the tube for more product or apply a traditional lipstick underneath as they're so highly pigmented, and they wear off beautifully with no white lines. bareMinerals call these "the ultimate marriage of shine and coverage", and it's so true! If you love the look of nude liquid lipsticks but find yourself applying gloss or balm over the top halfway through the night as they just feel so dry, these are the solution.


The bottom line
This is going to be the easiest and quickest 'bottom line' I've ever written. You need at LEAST one in your life. Meg out!

Photos by Megan Duffield Photography

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