I'm Back On YouTube! & Best of Beauty 2014

15 February 2015

So, in December I started my YouTube channel Meg Says - read all about why here - but since posting two videos that month, my health hit a rough patch and therefore my channel hit a standstill. Two factors are at fault for the lack of videos so far, let me explain!

1. ME really doesn't like Christmas. Really. It's like the Grinch of chronic illnesses. Look at it this way - for someone with moderate to severe ME, they barely have one 'event' planned in their diaries a month. Then Christmas rolls around and you've got about ten 'events' in a week. It's exhausting, and it takes a good month just to even begin getting over the festive season. Hence why I wasn't well enough to film for a hefty five or six weeks, despite really wanting to get my 'Best of Beauty 2014' series done. Eventually, I did - and the land rejoiced! Well, I did, anyway. But then something ELSE happened...

2. Our internet gave up on life. Literally, just gave up. I won't say I'm angry, just disappointed. We live in a tiny village that has its own postbox and little else, so its not surprising that the internet connection has always been pretty pants and that's just one of those first world problems that we've put up with for years. Then came the beginning of my YouTube channel, and things took a turn for the worst - I had my videos filmed and edited, but whenever I tried to upload them it took about EIGHTEEN HOURS MINIMUM. Imagine me, sitting up all night with my laptop making sure the screen didn't go black - because that means automatic upload fail out in the sticks - for about fourteen hours, then having the upload fail anyway, usually at about 4am. Then picture the same thing happening multiple times a day for well over a week, and you might be able to understand my frustration and why I started swearing at my laptop like Kim Sears watching the Murray v Berdych match.

But as they say, after the rain comes the rainbow and this week was much better. I haven't been feeling well enough to film anything else unfortunately, but we got BT Infinity installed and I can safely say that watching a video export and upload to YouTube within quarter of an hour honestly made me so, so happy. With any luck ME will give me a break sometime soon and I can begin uploading regularly - wishful thinking, but I'm ever the optimist!

CLICK HERE to see my 'Best of Beauty 2014 - Part One' video - I talk you through my favourite makeup products of 2014, discuss the word 'fleek' and do an impression of Nikki Grahame from Big Brother...

...and CLICK HERE to see 'Part Two' - I chat about the best skincare and haircare (etc) of the last year, get all sassy by throwing Chanel and attempt an Australian accent!

So, there we have it - I'm back on YouTube! With a 2014 Favourites video in February, granted, but filming with ME is extremely difficult and I'm just going to have to take things slowly. Thank you for all of the support so far, it means the world to me!

What type of videos do you watch on YouTube? Do you have any favourite channels?



  1. Your YouTube is the best thing since sliced bread Meg! I LOVE the videos and I'm so so proud of you for not only making videos that are gorgeous and look like you've been doing it for YEARS but not throwing in the towel when your internet was being a.....menace, as I would have! Can't wait to see more videos and watch your channel grow! And thanks for the shout out :)

    Lots of love x x

  2. SO HAPPY FOR INTERNET! I'm going get straight on it and watch your vids tonight my gorgeous <3

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  3. I can only repeat how much I adore your voice and listen to your words, but just wanted to say, that I'm so, so happy you started your joint channel! So proud and happy and definitely looking forward next video - when it will be possible for you all. My feelings now are beyond words:)

  4. Ohh yeah! (Like Niall's line in steal my girl) Meggy's back alright (like the Backstreet Boys) - if this has taught me anything, it's that 1. I fancy you and am glad you are back on YT, and 2. I like boybands more than I care to admit

  5. I simply wanted to say how well you are doing sweet, your quality and content for your YouTube is on point to say you started recently. I am so glad to see your face again, keep going lovely, work it work it!

    Love, Summer.

  6. I just checked out your Youtube channel for the first time, in love !

    Looking forward to future videos and posts

    Hayley x


  7. Aww, no YOURS is! I'm so proud of you too, your channel is doing so well and it's not surprising as your videos are all kinds of wonderful :) haha oh god, thank heavens I've got the patience of a saint, but I did almost lose it! You too Emma, aw you're welcome :) x

  8. I know right, I literally couldn't be happier! Home is where your wifi connects automatically, after all <3 aww yay, I hope you enjoy them :) x

  9. Thank you so much Polina, glad that you enjoy them :) x

  10. HAHA, y u so funny? Boyband lovers and proud, I'm so gonna dig out my old Blue poster from the loft and put it back on my wall. Along with my poster of Calvin, our new BBF... bloody lol. Love ya Haylz x

  11. Aww, thank you Summer! :) That's really kind of you to say! Haha, you better workkkk, will do :) thanks for the encouragement and support! x

  12. Thanks so much Hayley, glad you enjoyed it :) I'll post again soon! x

  13. So so pleased for you that you were able to get your videos up! They were fantastic and I am beyond excited about A Spoonful of She :) xxx

  14. Woohoo! Meg is back! Good on you for persevering despite having so many things piled up against you, beautiful. I could not be more excited for what's to come on your channel in 2015. Your loveliness is infectious and I know you'll be up there with Zoella and the gang in no time xox