LUSH Valentine's Day Collection 2016

10 February 2016

Ah, LUSH - you really know how to do a seasonal collection! As we're approaching the day of love LUSH Cosmetics have released this year's Valentine's Day range, and as I'm quite a Lushie myself I went the whole hog and ordered every item. I thought I'd run through the products so that you can see if anything takes your fancy, whether to give yourself a big hug or to say 'love ya!' to someone special in your life. 

First up we've got the Lover Lamp Bath Bomb which is my personal favourite, as when you drop it in your tub you get the calming scent of Fair Trade vanilla and skin-softening organic cocoa butter and, wait for it, LITTLE LOVEHEARTS. Yep, tiny red lovehearts that float around in the white bubbles. Could it get any cuter? Well maybe, because here comes the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar - a candy-coloured star-dotted little thing of wonder that's sure to brighten anyone's day! I use a bubble bar every time I have a bath and especially love ones that are packed with natural oils, and this has lavender, ylang-ylang and neroli which create a really relaxing, soothing scent designed to boost your mood. 

In keeping with the Valentine's theme we've got the Roses All The Way Soap which isn't something I'd normally buy for myself, but I've really been enjoying using this thanks to its soft rose scent and creamy lather. I'd describe it as 'soft' on the skin and nose as it's delicately fragranced and leaves your skin feeling petal-smooth. If like me you're more of a shower gel person there's the Prince Charming Shower Cream - and this is some good stuff, let me tell you! Containing marshmallow root and fresh organic pomegranate juice, it's definitely on the sweeter side and comes in the most gorgeous bright warm pink ever. For £4.95 the 100ml bottle is kinda small, but with LUSH you get what you pay for and the ingredients are natural, vegan, Fair Trade and not tested on animals.

I'd never tried any LUSH makeup before but there's a first for everything, hey! I've been using The Kiss Lip Gloss for the past couple of weeks and would personally describe it as more of a lip balm due to the shea butter, Japan wax and mix of organic oils inside. It gives a balmy finish with a slight frosted sheen and a pretty hint of light pink, but personally this one missed the mark for me as funnily enough it makes my lips look more dry and the formula is so soft that I find it hard to twist up and the application can only be described as 'crumbly'. A product that's more up my street (because I adore Lush lip scrubs, go figure!) is The Kiss Lip Scrub, a sugary-sweet blend of conditioning cocoa butter and exfoliating sea salt presented in the prettiest bubblegum-pink formula! It also contains teeny edible lovehearts but I found that these tasted slightly soapy and didn't 'dissolve' like I thought they would, so I've fished those out and have been thoroughly enjoying having the world's softest lips since!

Aside from these individual pieces the collection also comprises of gift boxes which would make a lovely present! I'd go for the Lots of Love set which includes six of LUSH's most popular products and is really prettily packaged. Well done, LUSH - you did it again!

See me talking about these products in more details over on my channel in this video.

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