Maggs London

25 February 2016

Something I really love is discovering a brand that I completely fall in love with, whether that's down to design or concept or execution - and with Maggs London, it's everything. From the attention to detail to the time invested to ensure that each piece is handcrafted with love and care, I adore every aspect of the pieces that they create and think its such a wholeheartedly lovely business.

Founded by Hannah Maggs (of The Michalaks with her husband Stef, who's weekly vlogs you've no doubt heard me rave about countless times!), Maggs London was born in 2014 and has bloomed into a beautiful collection which mainly consists of makeup bags with some recent new additions.

One of the things I love most about each piece is that it has its own meaning behind why it was brought into existence - we're taught to consciously acknowledge all The Little Moments, to Cherish our loved ones and to Let Go of unnecessary pressures and remind ourselves of what really matters. All handmade using Liberty fabric, any item would make the perfect present whether you want to show someone how much you care with a sentimental gift or feel like treating yourself.

The makeup bag I own is dedicated to Hannah and Stef's gorgeous little boy and is called The Grayson, lovingly sewn with the most stunning animal-print fabric. As soon as I received it in the post it felt significantly more 'special' than any other makeup bag that I own thanks to the high quality and 'extra touches' - the luxurious scent of Jo Malone as soon as the package was opened and the way it was charmingly wrapped with a tag handwritten by Hannah saying 'do more of what you love'. You really get the sense that undue care and attention has been put into what you're holding and, if like me you're someone who enjoys makeup and the process of applying it, it's something that you can use daily. I tend to keep my everyday makeup in here, with my everyday brushes in...

...the High Hopes brush roll, which is a new addition to the Maggs London family. Made with a quilted Liberty print that matches The Grayson, the portable brush roll holds up to fourteen brushes and I've found it to be the perfect companion to my makeup bag whether I'm at home or away. I recently travelled to Budapest with Will (post coming soon!) and it was a nice comfort to know that my tools were safely nestled away and protected along the journey. You also get the same feeling when you're at your dressing table rather than a plane, as we all know how expensive makeup brushes can be and you eliminate any danger of them being scratched or damaged - not to mention just how pretty the brush roll is!

I'd wholeheartedly recommend looking into Maggs London if you haven't already - love truly is stitched into every product. Hannah has also launched a gorgeous range of inspirational prints here and you can follow Maggs London on WantFeed here.

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