The Only Scarf You'll Need This Winter

16 February 2016

You know how sometimes you pick up an item on a whim and it ends up being one of the most-loved pieces in your entire wardrobe? Will and I decided to go on a city break to Budapest recently and whilst I was packing the realisation sunk in that, wait for it, I didn't have a scarf. With the knowledge that we were travelling somewhere us Brits would consider rather chilly, my ASOS Premium account saved the day by offering up this beauty of a scarf along with next day delivery. You can't beat it.

In dove grey on one half and white on the other, it went perfectly with my pale pink Warehouse coat and, unexpectedly, perfectly with Budapest. It turns out that Hungary is indeed very photogenic and very white/grey/marble/pink - the blogger's dream, essentially - I pretty much matched our surroundings and my Instagram theme was everything.

Let's make no bones about the size - it's pretty darn huge and I was feeling those Lenny Meggy Kravitz vibes, but you know what? It just meant that when my ears were feeling the cold whilst crossing the Elizabeth Bridge and I'd left my bobble hat at home I could wrap it around my face and embrace the snuggliness. So much sweet, sweet snuggliness. I even remember exclaiming "do you know what I'm really happy about? THIS SCARF!" on a couple of occasions, because it really was a lifesaver - it kept me completely toasty during our entire trip and even doubled up as an extremely soft blanket/pillow on the flights there and back. Basically, it's really nice and it's £14 and it goes with everything and I'll probably never need to buy another scarf again and I just like it a whole lot!

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