Jo Malone London: New SS16 Launches

2 May 2016

Fragrance is a part of my life that I truly enjoy; reading a book with a candle burning on my bedside table, spritzing my office space with room spray before I start my emails or begin writing, adding scented oil to a bath, feeling ready to take on the day with a perfume that matches my outfit or the weather... I'm never not in the mood for fragrance, and my all-time favourite brand is Jo Malone London. I was, therefore, very excited to see all of their upcoming launches for the spring/summer of 2016 and couldn't wait to share them with you!

Nashi Blossom Cologne (Limited Edition, available May 2016)
Aka my new obsession, as I've fallen head over heels for this fragrance (pictured) and can't put into words quite how happy it makes me! Imagine all of the best things about spring - blue skies, the first glimpse of blossom on the trees, fresh homemade lemonade on a warm day - then bottle them, and you've got this. It's light, clean and extremely pretty with a sweet crispness of pear and apple that's perfectly offset by lemon and rose, and then balanced by creamy white musk. Inspired by the striking look of the nashi flower, the bottle is modern and graphic and adds a pop of zesty green to my dressing table whilst still being intrinsically Jo Malone London - I simply couldn't have dreamed up a more gorgeous fragrance for this time of year!

Black Cedarwood & Juniper Cologne (available June 2016)
With a deep intensity of its base note, black cedarwood, this fragrance is lifted by juniper to create an incredibly sultry and seductive scent that's described as "midnight rain". I can imagine this being the perfect evening scent for men as it's very dark and sexy, and it'd be a sophisticated addition to anyone's fragrance wardrobe thanks to the classic Jo Malone London bottle. Fragrance Combining is a brilliant way of altering scents through layering colognes, and they suggest either Lime Basil & Mandarin to cut through the woodiness with a citrus freshness (I love masculine scents on women and think this combination would smell amazing, also!) or Wood Sage & Sea Salt for a more aromatic and sensual result.

Marthe Armitage Home Collection (Limited Edition, available June 2016)
In one of the most delightful collaborations I've seen for a long time, Jo Malone London have partnered with artist and wallpaper designer Marthe Armitage to capture the beauty and essence of an English summer afternoon in a home collection. The range comprises of: Red Roses Scented Drawer Liners (£36), Green Tomato Leaf Home Candle (£44), Nectarine Blossom & Honey Glass Decanter Bath Oil (£56) and Soap Collection (£30), and all of the items are packaged in a unique and charming hand-drawn design by Marthe Armitage for Jo Malone London. In simple yet unexpectedly pretty colours and with endearing scenes of croquet on the lawn and buzzing bees, each piece would make a wonderful gift as so much thought has been put into the details of this thoroughly lovely collection and it really shows.

Cologne Intense Body Crèmes (available July 2016)
Available in four divinely sophisticated scents - Velvet Rose & Oud, Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, Oud & Bergamot and Tuberose Angelica, all priced at £60 - this new indulgent formula has been designed to deeply nourish your skin continuously over 24 hours to keep it supple, smooth and glowing. Interestingly, it's enriched with samphire extract which naturally grows as a herb on salt marshes, meaning it's adapted to coastal drying winds and works incredibly well to deliver moisture wherever your skin most needs it. The crèmes also have the benefit of being richly scented, making applying them even more luxurious.

Peony & Moss Charity Candle (available July 2016)
One of my personal favourites of the upcoming launches, Jo Malone London bring out a new candle each year in aid of "support[ing] people living with ill mental health through the cultivation and care of therapeutic gardens around the world". As well as maintaining the existing rehabilitating gardens in London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester and Bristol, the 2016 Charity Candle will help fund a new project in London and comes in the beautiful scent of Peony & Moss. As the Peony & Blush Suede Cologne is my go-to scent, I instantly warmed to the floral heart and loved the addition of earthy moss. Aside from 75% of the retail price going to charity, one of the loveliest things about the candle is its stunning packaging which is detailed with red roses and would add a peaceful beauty to any room.

As it's one of the prettiest scents I've ever come across - why oh why are you limited edition?! - I'd highly recommend popping into store to give the Nashi Blossom Cologne a spritz, and I'll definitely be purchasing one of the Peony & Moss Charity Candles for my boyfriend's mum when July rolls around. One of the things I enjoy most about Jo Malone London is the thoughtfulness of their gift-giving, and not only did the scent remind me of her but she's very charitable and a keen gardener herself, so I think she'll really love it.

Let me know what you're most excited about from these beautiful new launches, and if you have any favourites from Jo Malone London then I'd be more than happy to hear them!

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