The Products Your Morning Routine Has Been Waiting For (& Giveaway!)

2 July 2016

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Morning routines - we all have one, and I'd bet a hefty buck that most of us stick to that same one day in and day out. I'm a firm believer in variety being the spice of life and that change is good for the soul, so recently I've challenged myself to switch things up in the morning department and try something different. Every once in a while instead of my usual English breakfast tea I treat myself to a decadent cappuccino from the coffee machine, over lounging on the sofa catching up on Snapchat stories  I do a little light Pilates pre-breakfast, and rather than using whatever gel is hanging about on the shelf I use the newly launched Original Source Moisturising Shower Milks.

I've found that simply adding something new and fresh to your morning routine can have such a positive impact on the rest of your day, and these shower milks definitely do that for me! I'm very motivated by scents and these are so incredibly vivacious and fruity that it's impossibly not to feel uplifted and happier thanks to the fragrance alone.

Another way they've been putting a smile on my face is how they make me feel physically, as they're packed full of 100% natural moisturisers which gives me super-soft, smooth and nourished skin every time. Since discovering shower milks I'm much more inclined to use them over a shower gel as I love the extra hydration, especially when leading a busy lifestyle as so many of us do. Less time putting on body cream post-shower so there's more time for breakfast? Yes please! The vegan milk extracts soothe and protect even my sensitive and eczema-prone skin, gently cleansing to leave it smelling sweet and feeling beautiful.

The only dilemma I've encountered since using the Original Source Moisturising Shower Milks is having to choose which one to use each morning which isn't a bad problem to have, let's face it! With four scents in the collection you're bound to find one to suit your fancy - or, if you're like me, all of them will! - and the range really is made up of the most delightfully delicious fragrances. It's hard to pick a favourite, but Lime and Coconut Milk really does it for me because as soon as I drizzle it onto my shower lily and start applying it I'm instantly transported to a tropical paradise. Seriously, if I shut my eyes I can practically imagine that I'm in a beach villa in The Bahamas surrounded by impossibly blue seas and palm trees - it's that good. Zesty, zingy and clean, it definitely brings sunshine to my morning whatever the weather.

Another summery scent with tropical vibes is Green Banana and Bamboo Milk which I was very pleasantly surprised by due to how unique it is - the combination of the two scents are refreshing to say the least and this is my boyfriend's favourite of the bunch. If you like sweeter scents then you'll love Sweet Apple and Vanilla Milk which is, in a word, dreamy. With an irresistibly soft fragrance and in the prettiest pink shade it's guaranteed to put a pep in your step and set you up for the day in a way unlike no other. Last but not least we have the mouthwatering Cherry and Almond Milk, a cherry bakewell lovers dream that smells good enough to eat! As with the rest of the range it's full to the brim with beautifully moisturising ingredients to pamper your skin with much-needed thirst-qunching moisture.

Would I like to start a busy day with a bang? Invigorating lime. Am I feeling like having a chilled weekend? Luxurious almond milk. I'm extremely happy to say that the list goes on and the variety means I can choose a scent based on my mood, plus the fragrances last really well on your skin which I love. Another thing I adore and admire is Original Source's ethos; priced at £2.20 for 250ml, every product is vegan with 100% natural moisturisers and 100% natural fragrance, is not tested on animals and the bottles are recyclable.

Will you be trying the new Moisturising Shower Milks from Original Source, and are there any ways you actively switch up your routine? Let me know on Twitter at @megsaystweet and @originalsource, and don't forget to use the hashtag #shakeupyourshower. Below is a UK-only giveaway to win the entire collection of Original Source Moisturising Shower Milks, simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter form to enter and a winner will be chosen on the closing date and contacted via email by Thank you, and good luck!

This post is sponsored by Original Source. All opinions are 100% my own and honest. No affiliate links have been used. For more information, please see my disclaimer here

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