The Prettiest Satin Pyjamas That'll Keep You Cool In Summer

27 August 2016

I'm a pyjamas person. Not a birthday or a Christmas goes by when I don't receive pyjamas as a gift, my favourite thing about getting home is immediately rushing upstairs to "change into my comfies" and even when I'm filming YouTube videos with a full face of makeup and a pretty blouse, out of shot I'm almost definitely sporting pyjama bottoms and slippers.

With the winter months all sorted - the thickest, softest button-up flannel pyjamas I can find and a pair of cosy fluffy socks to boot, fyi -  I'm sometimes at a loss when I want to wear pyjamas at this time of year but I know that everything in my drawer is only going to make me feel uncomfortably warm. Being the pyjama lover that I am, however, I've found two gorgeous satin sets that'll see you through summer whilst keeping cool - and feeling infinitely more glam than you do come winter when you're in your oversized dressing gown with the hood up and you've tucked your pyjama bottoms into your socks!

The first pair are these gorgeous ASOS Moss Satin Piped Pyjamas which I've been wearing around the house and to sleep in whenever the weather is overcast as they're long, but the material is extremely lightweight so you feel cosy yet cool at the same time. I have these in silver although the Duck Egg Blue shade would've been my ideal choice - they're half-price at the moment for £20 so snap 'em up! - and they also come in Frosted Lilac, Blush and Pink Stripe, which definitely have a Victoria's Secret vibe going on and are top of my wishlist. These are some of the most comfortable pyjamas I've ever owned, and I love how effortlessly chic they are!

Then we come to the perfect pair of pyjamas when your room has turned into an unbearably hot and humid conservatory, you no longer care about creepy crawlies coming in if you leave the window open and you're frantically hunting in the loft for a desk fan; meet the ASOS Satin Cami & Short Set. Again these come in tons of seriously pretty colours - Blush, Frosted Lilac, Yellow, Pink, Coral, Blue Floral - but I opted for the silver and adore them, especially with the little chiffon inserts down the sides of the cami and the shorts. I can't tell you how brilliant they are for making it feel like you're wearing nothing when you're wearing something, which is a lifesaver on sweltering summer nights!

Excuse me whilst I continue living my life as a pyjama fanatic, immediately heading for the 'Nightwear' section of every website whilst continuously reminding myself that I should be spending money on clothing that I can actually wear outside of the house...

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