Four Types Of Friend We All Need In Our Lives

2 August 2017

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If you stopped a stranger on the street and asked, "in life, what are the three most important aspects to you?" I'd bet my bottom dollar that most, if not all, would include 'my friends' in that list. True, proper friendship is one of those invaluable cling-onto-it-with-all-your-might things that can bring endless happiness and we simply cannot live without. There's a reason why we hold it dear, continuously re-watch ten seasons of a program that's solely about the close bond between six NYC-dwellers and display the affinity with our BFF to the world proudly on our wrists. I've always loved the idea of friendship bracelets since I was little - that one person who gets to wear the 'best' to your 'friend' on two halves of a loveheart broken down the middle who's your absolute ride or die (yep, even in Year Two).

Years later now that I'm a proper official adult (my recent Netflix history of Matilda followed by Jumanji then Spy Kids might tell you differently but I'm 23, pinky promise) I still adore the notion of friendship bracelets, but no longer have just one best pal like I did in primary school. Links Of London have come to my aid in a fabulous way on this one with the reinterpretation of their iconic Sweetie Collection, of which the Sweetie Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet is my favourite. The signature bracelet itself is so classic, timeless and universal that it's the perfect friendship bracelet for everyone in your girl gang, and the genius part comes into play with the personalisation aspect as each individual can express themselves by adding charms that reflect their personality.

Having a circle of amazing friends rather than one solitary BFF is a wonderful thing as you gain something unique from each of them, and I love how there's a Links Of London charm that represents everyone. Here's four kinds of friend that you absolutely need by your side!

The Gryffindor - everyone needs that friend who's moral compass is on point and has your back no matter what. They're fiercely loyal and that's why they mean so much to you - your alliance with each other is unbreakable and their courage helps you to live more boldly and bravely, too. Whether it's being the final pair getting cheesy chips at the end of the evening or helping one another through tough times when everything else seems to be falling apart, you know you can turn to them. They're a true good egg and inspire you to be just as fab of a friend to them in return! As for charms, they'd love the Compass, Globe or Birdcage.

The Hufflepuff - whenever you think of them you can't help but smile and think, 'GOOD TIMES'. The most genuine and friendly person you'll ever meet, a laugh is never far away with this feel-good buddy and it's always a my-tummy-hurts-and-I-might-wee-a-little-bit laugh and all! With the patience of a saint and a naturally positive disposition, their sunny attitude can brighten the darkest day and you're constantly inspired by their dedication to being as hardworking, dependable and kind as possible. Why not treat them to a charm? They deserve a ButtercupBee or Beehive.

The Ravenclaw - is there anyone better at giving advice than this wise owl?! Whether you're thinking of changing career paths, you've broken up with your boyfriend or you're having trouble deciding on your degree choice, they're the first pal you turn to in a crisis because they're always there with a shoulder to cry on and the most top notch logical advice ever. They're impossibly clever and sharp meaning their sarcastic humour and witty one-liners have you cracking up non-stop and it's a real pleasure to be friends with someone so creative and original. The Feather, Moon and Key charms are right up their street.

The Slytherin - a born leader, we can all benefit from having a friend as ambitious and independent as this. "A bit of spinach from your salad is stuck in your teeth", "the little black dress, definitely", "you're way too good for him, babe" - they tell it like it is without any sugar-coating which is often exactly what you need and you know you can rely on them for an 100% honest opinion. You admire their strong work ethic, their ability to be assertive and confident in any situation and the way they're truly themselves - whether everyone else likes it or not! Their perfect charms? The Evil Eye, Snake and Locket.

All unique and special in an endless amount of ways, we love each of our friends dearly and let's face it - where would we be without 'em? Answer: miserably crying into our pizza because we a) feel pretty darn lonely, and b) we know that our mates would let us swap a slice of ours for a slice of theirs and more pizza options = a happier life.

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