This Works Stress Check Face Oil

3 March 2018

Ten To Try (February) #2:
This Works Stress Check Face Oil

Described as
"a wellness skin product that rebalances the skin and leaves it feeling silky and soothed... calms irritated, dry and sensitive skin"

At the start of the month, Meg says...
When my friend gave this to me for Christmas (thanks Hannah, you babe!) I was over the moon as a) This Works is a brand I constantly want to explore, and b) face oils are my jam. It has become such a firm and regular part of my skincare routine, and my boyfriend Will happily lets me put it on him too!

The pipet is ideal for adding however many drops you choose to apply, and the opening of the bottle has a handy sieve-like function that means there's a slight bit of pressure when you pull the dropper out - I'm not sure if this helps with leaking at all, but I've travelled with this oil loose in my suitcase on various occasions and have never had any problems. I personally love the look of the solid white packaging, but it's not ideal if you like seeing how much product you've got left!

Out of all the face oils I own, this has the most serum-like consistency of all and feels considerably thicker. That's not to say it feels heavy on the skin however as it still manages to be lightweight, but there's definitely more of a moisturising quality - it almost feels halfway between an oil and a gel which is really interesting.

One of the only other products I've tried from This Works is their Deep Sleep Pillow Spray which I love for its calming fragrance, and the scent of this has a similar soothing effect on me. With a natural blend of patchouli, camomile, lavender and neroli (literally all of my faves, well done This Works) I find it so relaxing to use in the evening once I've cleansed and toned and genuinely think it helps me sleep.

I've noticed a considerable difference in how nourished my skin feels and it's definitely the product I reach for when I'm feeling extra dry. Between the winter weather and central heating it seems like my skin did Dry January, and I've been noticing that it's absolutely crying out for some moisture following cleansing (even if I use a cleanser that I really trust, which is when you know it's a dire situation!) and applying this oil feels heavenly. It's like a comfort blanket for my poor skin and leaves it soothed without feeling greasy, and the fact that I often put it on before I apply my makeup is testament to that!


The bottom line
I love This Work's holistic approach and how this oil is designed to calm and restore. I really do feel like my skin is often out-of-sync, so to find something that rebalances everything when I'm on the red, sore and angry side is very much welcome. If you're looking for something intensive (but gentle) to combat dryness and irritation, this could well be it!

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