Trip Advisor Wasn't Wrong: A Uniquely Vintage Bed & Breakfast In Rome

3 June 2018

After deciding that we needed to see more of Rome than its airport, Will and I sat in bed one weekday evening with a laptop between us and the shared goal of finding a great place to stay for a night or two before travelling to Cassino for our annual holiday with friends.

Our search led us to Trip Advisor where we quickly found a bed and breakfast with absolutely glowing reviews (we're talking 82% excellent, 18% very good and absolutely no average, poor or terrible ratings whatsoever) called Il Boom. We were immediately interested as it's not often that you come across places so highly praised, and after getting in touch we were very kindly offered a complimentary two-night stay*.

When you arrive at Rome Fuimicino, as with many airports, there are lots of minivan services waiting. We've always had a kind friend to pick us up or we've gotten straight on the train to Cassino, but this time around we put our faith in a suave, smoking Italian man named Gino. He had four other passengers waiting with two more needed and was charging €15 from the airport to the door of our B&B: the train is usually at least €10 anyway, we'd been up since 4am and when you've only got a couple of days somewhere it's nicer to spend your limited time actually exploring rather than travelling. Other than unknowingly flicking burning ash onto my foot when he shut the car door, Gino did good by us and we were promptly dropped off half an hour later outside Il Boom.

Located in the Trastevere district of Rome around an eight-minute walk from the centre, Il Boom sits on a slight hill in Via Dandolo with an unassuming exterior. After being buzzed in, we entered a spacious marble hallway which offered a crisp respite from the Italian sunshine. The host Angelo (who gets an absolutely stellar mention in pretty much every Trip Advisor review, what a guy) was there to greet us, and we immediately felt the warm embrace of Il Boom. You're quite literally walking into someone's home - a home in which you are completely and utterly welcome to treat as your own.

The first thing I was struck by was the decor - Angelo explained that they've collected various items over the years (you'll find retro jukeboxes, record players and pinball machines to name a few) and the walls are adorned with movie posters from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Basically, you're not likely to turn a corner without encountering Monroe, Presley or Hepburn! Everywhere you look there's something quirky, interesting and fun.

The B&B is located on the second floor of the building with an internal third floor where you'll find the terraces, kitchen and living room. Will and I stayed in a room on this third floor that's not actually open to the public (it actually used to be Angelo's sons - what a beautiful place to grow up!) and it was lovely. With more than enough space for two, a double bed, ensuite bathroom and beautifully decorated to encompass the vintage feel of the B&B, it served as the loveliest 'base camp' for our Rome trip. The rooms that are available to book (all of which are named after icons of Italian cinema) are here.

Angelo is the dream host; very friendly, non-intrusive and respectful of your privacy as well as always being there to draw up a quick map or help with a local recommendation. The family live downstairs and you have your own key to the building which gives an easygoing 'come and go as you please' feel, especially as Il Boom states that there are no time constraints. Obviously be polite and mindful of other guests when you're returning home after a Negroni or three, but it's nice and chilled that there's no 'curfew' as such.

The facilities in general were superb - absolutely no complaints! I was particularly impressed by the Internet speed which was much faster than my own WiFi at home, and you've got all your usual comforts: daily cleaning (by the maid Dorota - any Gossip Girl fans will be screaming right now!), air conditioning, TV etc and, perhaps the best of all, full use of the glorious kitchen. I know I've already raved about the decor but it really is something special, and amidst all of the vintage heaven you'll find a table groaning with breakfast every morning (the full continental works) as well as snacks throughout the day.

The kitchen opens onto the terrace which quite simply took my breath away. Clearly very well looked after, it's filled with various plants and flowers as well as plenty of pretty ornate furniture where you can relax and watch the world go by. Offering stunning views of Rome as far as the Castelli Romani, it became our favourite area of the B&B. In the mornings we'd make ourselves coffee in the perculator and put together a plate of breakfast before heading out to soak up some AM sunshine, and in the evenings we'd pour ourselves a glass of red wine and climb the winding steps to the other terrace (yep, you heard that correctly - there's another sun-drenched terrace for your enjoyment!) where we'd sit in deckchairs and chat about our day. Blissful.

Whilst we're on the topic of the terrace, this post wouldn't be complete without the inclusion of the B&B's furry (and scaly) pals, as Il Boom is home to three cats and various tortoises. I'm a true cat lady so the trio of kitties were a highlight of my stay - I always miss my own cats when I travel so I found it very comforting and homely. All of the animals are extremely friendly and if you're not a pet person then don't fear, they're not allowed inside and only join you if you call them over for a scratch behind the ear!

Here is how you get to Il Boom, and in terms of location it's pretty ideal as you're in a very quiet residential area but need only step outside to begin exploring the city. After a 15-minute walk you'll reach the River Tiber, and once you cross that you're in close proximity of many of the most famous and beautiful places in Rome (e.g. 25 minutes to the Trevi Fountain or 30 minutes to the Colosseum). The ancient yet refreshingly modern neighbourhood of Trastevere itself is really special also - described as "funky and bohemian", it's full of life and you'll never be short of authentic pizzerias, buzzing bars or pretty cobbled streets lined with centuries-old houses.

There are also great transport links if you prefer, so do ask Angelo as he's a mine of information and has some really useful tips. He recommended that we buy day travel tickets (you can pick these up from any local tobacco shop) and they were brilliant - we travelled around Rome from early morning to late evening on buses and trams for only €7 each. Do make sure you download Citymapper from the App Store also, we waited an hour for the 75 bus at the stop near Il Boom when they're meant to come every 20 minutes so you might find the app more reliable than the bus timetables.

If you're looking for an easygoing, welcoming place to stay during your time in Italy's capital city then Il Boom is definitely one to check out, especially if you like places with extra personality and charm. It was the loveliest place to begin and end our days in Rome, and we checked out with very fond memories of the B&B and all it has to offer.

*I'm a full-time blogger who's offered free stays from time to time. Transparency is of the highest importance to me, so I just wanted to highlight that whilst our stay was complimentary, this coverage is completely off my own back and all opinions are 100% honest and my own. We loved our time at Il Boom so much that I wanted to share the experience, just like how we'll recommend it to our family and friends.

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