An Ode To Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

5 February 2019

 Oh Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, how I adore thee.

It's one of those products that I tell everyone about (seriously, even the postman has barely escaped my recommendation on this one) and I thought I'd let you know why... you know, just on the off-chance you weren't already convinced by the hoards of bloggers you follow and your equally obsessed pals who are die-hard fans of this beautiful, angelic product.

Glossier describe it as "the ultimate daily face wash" and I agree - I agree with my whole entire heart and soul, I tell you! I'm just so fond of it, to the point where it genuinely makes me looking forward to washing my face. I'll be in bed brushing sleep from my eyes seconds after hitting the snooze button and, when that winter chill hits my feet before they've even touched the floor and I get that 'ugh, mornings' feeling, Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser pings into my mind and suddenly getting out of bed isn't so bad.

The name hits the formulation nail on the head to be honest, as it's a gel that also manages to feel milky at the same time - it's lightweight and creamy whilst being translucent and seriously comforting. As soon as that stuff touches my skin I have to fight back an audible sigh of relief, as it's refreshing and relaxing all at once which leads me to think that it may actually be magical. Okay, maybe not actually magical, but it really is the stuff of dreams.

I use it as a straight-up face wash rather than a makeup remover, preferring to use an oil or balm to 'take my face off' - that's such a strange turn of phrase - first, then follow up with Milky Jelly as a second cleanse. It does remove makeup really well, but I already go through the stuff at an astronomically fast rate and using it for both steps would mean that Emily Weiss has more of my money than I do. You're instructed to apply to damp skin although I usually go straight onto dry as it feels the most satisfying, then I massage for a minute or so - thinking about how much I love it - then rinse off with clean water and pat dry.

The first time I ever used Milky Jelly Cleanser, I'd read hardly anything about it and as a result my untainted, uninfluenced brain/nose immediately thought of the dentist. I don't want to put anyone with dentophobia off as the scent is actually rose, but to me... yeah, it kinda smells like the dentist! Now that my brain/nose knows that it's rose I get that it has a lovely delicate and fresh rosewater scent to it but I think I'll always think it smells like going to the dentist, and I absolutely love it. Is that weird?

Not only can you adorn the packaging with the fab pack of stickers you get in every order - mine is business on the front (tiny pink loveheart) and party on the back (piano keys, red lipstick, googly eyes, peace sign) - but it's travel-friendly plastic and has a pump, so basically it's perfect. Props given, Glossier!

The results speak for themselves: my skin is clear, bright and happy 99% of the time. It feels comforted, soft, nourished, smooth and impeccably clean. I actually couldn't dream up a better cleanser and it's absolutely something that I deem holy grail worthy. The pH balanced formula contains the same cleansing agent found in contact lens solution, which kicks impurities and dirt to the curb whilst still being incredibly gentle. It rinses off wonderfully without that uncomfortable 'tight' feeling, and my skin never cries out for moisturiser like it can sometimes do following cleansing.

For how much joy it brings me I think £15 is perfectly reasonable (Glossier actually have a clever subscription service so you don't have to worry about remembering to repurchase), which is necessary for me as I truly do get the running-low-on-Milky-Jelly fear.

Perhaps one of the key indicators that I'm utterly obsessed with this product and would probably marry it if it was a person is that one of the main things at the forefront of my mind when it came to packing for travelling wasn't visas or vaccinations: it was how many Glossier Milky Jelly Cleansers I'd need to take. I need help. Get 10% off on it here!

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