Glossier Lidstars: The Shades You Need, And The Ones You Don't

3 October 2019

Glossier Lidstar Glistening Eye Glow

Described as
"one-step eye enhancement - a wash of soft, glistening colour that lasts all day"

Meg says...
Boy, am I excited to try these. As a self-confessed Glossier fangirl, I've been waiting for the day they'd announce eyeshadows and it's finally here! Well, I say eyeshadow - the gTeam are actually saying "less shadow, more glow", so I'm expecting something super sheer and super sparkly. Hey, if it's good enough for Beyoncé, it's good enough for me!

Ridiculously cute, obviously! Were we expecting anything different? Adorable little test-tubes with millennial pink screw-on lids, what's not to love? If this was what we learnt about in Science at school I would've gotten a much better GCSE grade... just saying. I love how neat they are as they take up hardly any space in your makeup bag, and being able to clearly see which colour you're picking up and how much you've got left is really handy.

Their creamy consistency has a lovely 'glide' to it - I was expecting something more liquid-y, but they're actually quite mouse-like in texture and have play-time before they dry down.

Easy, but not as easy as Glossier says, in my opinion! They market the Lidstars as a kind of 'swipe and go' product, and if a barely-there sheen with the slightest hint of pigment is what you're after then that's great, but they require a little more effort if you want decent colour payoff. With a stronger shade like Cub, at least two coats is required for an opaque finish - any less than that and the result can look a little thin and verges on streaky.

The best way I've found to apply them is to dab the colour all over your mobile lid and use your finger or a fluffy blending brush (like a Real Techniques 200) to diffuse, then go back in to build up the pigment on your lid before blending again. They're designed to give a soft wash, so if you're used to good pigmentation then I'd highly recommend using my method - once you get the hang of that, they're really easy and fairly foolproof to use. The doe-foot applicator works a treat as it doesn't pick up too much or too little product, and it has a 'precision tip' which is perfect for swiping colour along the lower lashline or for dabbing shine onto inner corners. The shade Lily looks amazing here!

As there are currently half a dozen shades in the range, I thought I'd rate them 1-6 - 1 being 'omg you absolutely NEED it, prettiest thing eva' and 6 being 'give this a miss, hun'.

1. Cub (a rose gold with warm shimmer effect)
Every time I wear Cub I get a lot of compliments, which I think is down to how insanely blue it makes my eyes look. I can't think of anyone it wouldn't look unreal on!

2. Moon (the sheerest cream base with blueish opalescent glimmer)
Not something I'd wear all over my lid on a regular basis, but when I'm going for a full face of Glossier I love wearing this in my inner corner - very soft and pretty.

3. Lily (a sheer lilac base with blue and violet pearls)
Unsurprisingly cute and surprisingly wearable - just make sure you don't skimp on the black mascara. Wear it smudgy and bold √† la Katie Jane Hughes.

4. Slip (a sheer baby pink with golden highlight effect)
My 10-year-old self would've gone crazy for this, and my current self likes it more than expected! Pair with Cloud Paint in 'Puff' on the cheeks and Generation G in 'Like' for matchy-matchy goodness.

5. Herb (a smoky green with yellow gold pearl)
Whilst I can imagine this would look SO cool on others, it doesn't suit me at all. I can't get the colour to build properly and end up with an uneven, kinda dirty-looking mess.

6. Fawn (a cool, smoky taupe with violet and neutral gold pearls)
Again, cool on others (hi, Queen Bey) as it's such a unique shade that with different applications could look super sophisticated or super grungy - but a hot mess on me!

I'd say this is all down to how you apply them as you can go for the sheerest 'look at my effortlessly cute eyelids' wash of sheeny colour, or you can go for full-on bright (dare I use the word mermaid?) vibes, so it depends... which makes them very versatile, woohoo! Personally, the result I get is a very pretty one - every shade is glistening rather than glittery which makes them look all whimsical and dreamy. Their staying power is really impressive also as they truly do last 12 hours without creasing, which can actually look rather funny - picture me at the end of a very long day with basically zero makeup, except shimmery purple eyelids! That longevity is fab for inner corner/browbone highlighting.


The bottom line
Cub is probably the only Lidstar I'd repurchase, and I can imagine that it's their most popular shade. The rest aren't the most wearable colours in the world - apart from Fawn, maybe Herb - and unless you're super cool (or thirteen!) I don't know whether the pastel pink and lilac hues will appeal. They're very pretty and do push you out of your comfort zone when it comes to trying cool new shades, but as this is 'the bottom line' - Cub or snub!

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Photos by Megan Duffield Photography

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