May Favourites

31 May 2014

As May is Invisible Illness Awareness Month, the past four weeks have been spent increasing recognition of the simple fact that looking healthy doesn't equal being healthy

However, as a chronically ill person with a penchant for products, I managed to squeeze in a shopping trip and a few makeup applications in between writing campaign posts for ME Awareness Week. The result? Pastel polish, a voluminous 'do and stained cherry lips.

I included the Revlon ColourBurst Lacquer Balm in 'Provocateur' (7.99) in my March Favourites, but sometimes you love a lipstick so much that you've gotta mention it again, ya feel? I described it as "glossy cerise perfection", and I'm standing by that - it's a 'looks scary but isn't' shade that can be applied directly from the bullet stick and with a lipliner for a bolder, punchier pout or - and this is what I opt for - dabbed on, patted in and blended out with a lip brush. Sheer red lips in the daytime when you're bored of Benetint? Done.

Let's talk about the curtains to the windows of our souls. I've always had full brows and been a 'quick swipe of gel and go' kinda gal as a result, but with a new habit of pulling the hairs out when I'm stressed - anyone else? - things are looking a little... patchy. Cue eyebrow products, stat. MAC Omega eye shadow, as a result of watching Pixiwoo, has been in my collection for years and I'm only just falling in love with this cool-toned, natural and undetectable gem - if you're a blonde (and you have eyebrows) you need Omega

The search for a pastel blue nail polish has almost ended after the discovery of Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail paint in 'Huckleberry' (£3.99). It's pretty close to perfection - my eyes are on Essie Something Borrowed and Blue, but this will suffice in the meantime.

This month I switched my regular balm cleanser - Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa fyi - for something more purifying, as my skin has been rather problematic. Enter REN ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser (£18). Formulated for those of us with a less than desirable complexion, it targets the three main causes of breakouts head on and there's nothing in my skincare collection that combats oiliness quite as effectively. Relatively affordable and in the most convenient packaging ever, I'm struggling to find any cons.

Naturally my hair is poker straight; great for never having to worry about blow-drying or styling, not so great for the swish-ability factor - I could tease the roots all day and my hair would still fall flat within an hour, which leaves me wishing for thicker locks. Recently I've been going to town with Aussie Dual Personality Aussome Texturising & Conditioning gel spray (£4.99) on both damp and dry hair, which gives me some much needed body and bounce without the 'crisp' that some sprays leave. The hold isn't anything to write home about, but it'll do until I get my hands on something with better staying power.

What were your favourite products in May?


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