The Fortnightly One #5

7 June 2014

"Apply" - The Products
The love I feel for anything powder blue has banished all other colours from my spectrum, and I've been on the hunt for the perfect pale blue nail polish for a long time. The search ended - kind of - with Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail paint in 'Huckleberry' (£3.99). I say 'kind of' because it isn't quite perfection and - a little pedantically, I know - it looks too turquoise in some lights and aqua nails just ain't what I'm after... I'm after powder blue, people.

'Huckleberry' in action - May Favourites - read here
"Watch" - The Films, Series & YouTube
Will and I rapidly made our way through seven episodes of Fargo during his stay and I have to say - it's filling the Breaking Bad-shaped hole in my life. If the Coen brothers have anything to do with something you know it's going to be good, Martin Freeman is just a peach and I'm living for his Minnesota accent - heck, you betcha - and I have a soft spot for Colin Hanks as I love his papa with all of my heart. The references to the film make things extra interesting, oh and Saul Goodman is (sort of) in it. A recipe for true greatness, oh yah.

For Netflix night - accompanied by an epic selection of snacks - we chose Alpha Dog, a gritty crime drama that'll have you shaking your head in disbelief and googling the horrific true story of the Nicholas Markowitz kidnapping as soon as the credits roll. A must-see.

Also, can we quickly address the 'Goodbye, Michael' episode of The Office... I have no words. Only tears. And don't even get me started on that '9, 986,000 minutes' song. If crying at Jim Halpert and Michael Scott crying is wrong, then I don't want to be right. 

"Eat" - The Food
If you're like me - e.g. you have a sweet tooth but don't want to fill your body with refined sugar and half a day's worth of calories in three bites - you need Zanna aka Blonde Health's 'Devilishly Delicious Guilt Free Treats' eBook (here). She was kind enough to send me a copy and I'm in awe of her amazing recipes. Peanut butter heaven, here I come.

Zanna's Nutella brownies - simply divine!
"Read" - The Books, Blogs & Magazines
I mentioned Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn in this post after I read it a couple of months ago, but my boyfriend has just finished it after I lent him my copy and discussing it has made me remember just how flippin' good it is all over again. Lookswise, Rosamund Pike is exactly how I pictured the psychotic Amy and I can't wait to see the adaptation with Will. 

P.S. Did anyone else picture Mila Kunis' in Friends With Benefits whilst reading the book? The character she played epitomised the 'Cool Girl' to me. 

P.P.S. I also have muchos excitement for The Fault In Our Stars. There's no doubt in my mind that the film will be stunning, I read the book about a year ago and it broke my heart. And yes, it was a privilege.

This fortnight I've loved perusing "the musings of a chronic optimist", aka Katherine & M.E. As well as having one of the loveliest styles of writing I've had the pleasure of reading - I'm an English student and appreciate the heck out of beautifully penned posts - she's also an absolute babe and one of the kindest souls. Katherine's brilliant overview of ME Awareness Week is an absolute gem, as was her post for May 12thME Awareness Day.

"Wear" - The Style, Sleepwear & Loungewear
It'll come as no surprise that my current favourite item of clothing is powder blue. Go figure.

"Listen" - The Music
Catchy since last summer, yo. *peace sign emoji*

"Inspire" - The Quotes
This is one of my favourite Oprah quotes - yes, I have a selection - as the woman just has a way with words. And these words in particular make me want to give OW a fist bump.



  1. Loving your blog Meg, it's beautiful! I'm so keen to try out those brownies and read the book... Oh gosh and the fault in our stars - so much excitement to see it! Keep up the great posts girly, I'm looking forward to reading more soon! X

    1. Thanks so much, Olivia - I love yours too! They're really good, my first batch was a little dry but I've heard that you can use avocados in baking so I may try and that, hopefully it'll make them a little more gooey. I'm so excited too, I'm sure the film will be amazing! Thank you, I really appreciate that :) you too! x

  2. Those tops are beautiful Meg. I'm a huge fan of powder blue too! Hope you've recovered from saying goodbye to Michael Scott
    Faye |

    1. Thanks, Faye - they're both from H&M! I'm going to try and do a little haul once I get around to taking some photos. It's so pretty isn't it, it's my new favourite colour. Haha I haven't quite, it's just not the same without him is it :( I've managed to get my family into it so I'm watching it again from Season One, just can't get enough of Scranton! Hope you're as well as possible at the moment x