The Fortnightly One #8

21 July 2014

"Apply" - The Products
If you've read any of my beauty posts before - actually, scratch that - if you've read anything about me on any of my social media, you'll know that I'm a total lip product addict. It doesn't matter if it's a lipstick, a gloss, a balm, a liner - if it's not on my pout, it's out. You can imagine my excitement when I was invited to the Revlon event for their new Colorstay Moisture Stains - details coming in tomorrow's post! - and I've been obsessed ever since. Hydrating, sheeny, super pigmented and long-wearing? Heck to the yeah.

"Watch" - The Films, Series & YouTube
Okay, Orange Is The New Black. Q. Why did I say 'eh, I'll give it a miss' and fall asleep when Will started watching Season One a few months ago? A. Who knows, but I'm a fool. I'm now on the last episode of Season Two and I'll be honest, my binge-watching is the reason that this post is going up today instead of last Saturday. Addicted. Also, was I alone in thinking, 'does the intro need to be this long, it's like Dexter all over again' and then belting out 'the animals, the animals, trapped trapped TRAPPED 'til the cage is full' three hours later? It's a good thing I like a bit of Miss Spektor as it's in my head 24/7.

The only film of note I saw this fortnight was What Maisie Knew which is beautifully shot, darkly funny and includes Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd being all playful and cute with a child. Insert joke about exploding ovaries here. My parents have been happily married since their early twenties so I'm unfamiliar with divorce and I found it an eye-openingly moving watch.

I was on YouTube in the last two weeks - a concept previously unknown to The Fortnightly One! - talking all things M.E. with the two beauties that are Hayley and Jazz.

"Eat" - The Food
I've been eating quinoa practically every day recently, yet I've never actually cooked it. Nope, it's not sorcery, it's The Food Doctor and their bio-organic 'easy grains'. As a foodie who loves to be in the kitchen but is limited to making meals that don't use up too much of my precious energy, these handy sachets are perfect as you simply tear open the packet then sprinkle on, or they can be microwaved first if you prefer it hot - I've heard that some like it that way* - easy peasy.

'Easy grains' in action - see Meg Says Eat for this recipe

"Read" - The Books, Blogs & Magazines
I finished Criminal by Karin Slaughter last night and although I'd been getting a little bored with the series, I quite enjoyed this and thought it was one of her better novels. Despite it being a little too slow-paced for my liking, once I started reading a few chapters each night I soon got into it and began to enjoy the choppy-changey (technical literary term) narrative that switched from the 70s to the present - a well-layered thriller with a satisfying ending.

"Wear" - The Style, Sleepwear & Loungewear
Emma Miller's Paris Style Diary has been giving me life over the past week and I have a serious case of wardrobe envy - oh and skin envy, her complexion is like peaches and cream - take a look for yourself, and don't tell me that you're not in utter awe of this gal!

"Listen" - The Music
Ed Sheeran's new album x makes me feel so nostalgic and has been played non-stop on my Spotify since its release, as was Loose Change in my first year of college aged seventeen. Ed pulled a Taylor Swift of his own with Don't, and Thinking Out Loud has me crooning "take me into your loving armssss" constantly. Nice pipes, Suffolk Sally.

"Inspire" - The Quotes
True dat, A.P.W.B.D.

What have you loved this fortnight? And more importantly, *will you forgive me for that bad Marilyn Monroe pun?



  1. ooh gorgeous post! love the outfit inspiration and the look of those lip stains

    from helen at

    ps. there's a little Dahlia trench coat giveaway worth £80 on my blog right now, click here!

    1. Thanks, Helen! Means a lot coming from you - I love your blog a lot. You've inspired me to someday post daily! x

  2. Quinoa is very yummy I haven't had it in ages though ! And saw Emma said she reads your blog, how amazing !
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

    1. OH MY, I'm still slightly flustered about that - how crazy?! She's like my style queen, she started favouriting my tweets after she said that and I just about lost it, haha. Not cool, Meg. I love quinoa, too! It's packed full of protein, also :) x

  3. Such an amazing post. We are obsessed with Orange is the New Black and just waiting for next year when season 3 comes out. We're also on a big quioa kick. Just learned how to make it but so cool you can get it pre-done. Hope your week is starting off fabulously.

    xx 365hangers

    1. Thanks so much, your comments are always so lovely! OITNB is great isn't it, now that I've finished Season Two I'm going back to the start to see Season One - doing things all upside down up in here! Quinoa is uh-mazing, I've bought an uncooked packet now so I'll let you know how I get on with that one ;) these patches are so convenient, though. You too - have a good'un! x

  4. Why have I not watched this Alexander Skaarsgard film?! Thank you Meg for being even more amazing an bringing it to my attention. I love that quote and oh my days such cute outfits! Love as ever xx

    1. He's so beautiful in it, Sian - it'll make you broody! What is it about a handsome man who's good with children that makes them 10x more attractive? Haha, you're welcome ;) I love it, too. Thanks, love YOU as always! x