Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

12 August 2014

 When I received an email about the Indeed Labs launch in July, I RSVP'd the heck outta that invitation. The event itself was pure skincare junkie heaven - see how it went here - and I was lucky enough to have been gifted a goodie bag containing some of Indeed Labs' best-selling products as well as the highly anticipated new hydraluron moisture jelly, which I've been using twice a day religiously for nearly five weeks now.

If you've tried the famous hydraluron moisture boosting serum - I've got skincare queen Caroline Hirons to thank for that purchase - you'll know that its main aim is hydration. The same goes for this latest little addition to the Indeed Labs family, as the new moisture jelly is all about delivering a healthy dose of moisture to the skin to retain optimum levels. 

First things first, this packaging is the realest. I used my Origins Make A Difference Plus+ the other day and no matter how much I love that moisturiser, after singing 'pump, pump the jam, pump it up, while your feet are stomping' every morning and night whilst using the moisture jelly it felt almost medieval to go back to having to actually unscrew a lid and dip into a pot. The pump allows you to dispense the perfect amount of product making it waste-proof, and can we just take a second to recognise how much more hygienic it is?

My skin is quite dehydrated and as a result, it has been drinking this stuff up like there's no tomorrow. If you live in the UK like me you'll know how hot the weather has been recently and the moisture jelly has been an absolute dream in this heatwave as it feels slightly cooling upon application, sinks in immediately without leaving any tacky residue and the jelly formulation makes a brilliant priming base for makeup. 'Humidity face' - be gone!

As an eczema sufferer who's extremely blemish-prone and has a tendency to get shiny throughout the day, tackling all of those issues can be a real pain - often I end up helping one problem area and worsening another. The hydraluron moisture jelly is gentle enough not to aggravate my eczema but packs a hydrating punch which has actually cleared a few of the sore patches, hasn't broken me out and leaves my skin perfectly balanced and moisturised without any oiliness or feeling my complexion is overloaded with product.

As for its the scent, it's really mild and non-offensive. If I had to liken it to something I'd say that it reminds me a tiny bit of baby wipes - 'soft', fresh and clean. Overall, I'd absolutely recommend this to anyone as my skin is a combination of practically every type there is and I can't even think of one con for this product, only pros! The price is towards the higher end of the scale, but after visiting the Indeed Labs - here - I was able to see that they're a quality brand dedicated to providing us with high-technology skincare and 'real' results at the most affordable price possible. I'd definitely buy this - two big thumbs up from me!

At the launch in Mayfair I was given some press information, so I'll pop the key ingredients and benefits here for anyone who's interested in the science behind the moisture jelly:
  • PatchH20™ - helps provide immediate and long-lasting moisturisation through a molecular mesh that reduces water evaporation from the skin
  • Fucogel® - absorbed quickly by skin, Fucogel helps provide long-term binding of water and moisturisation to create a protective film on the skin's surface, which defends against transepidermal water loss
  • Hyaluronic Acid - a high-level hydration substance that holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water, it acts as the ultimate drink for your skin, resulting in a longer-lasting feeling of softness, plumpness and hydration
  • Vivillume - helps to restore skin luminosity. Derived from the White Bird of Paradise plant, Vivillume is a skin revitaliser that promotes a radiant complexion
  • Hydrolite 5 - advanced skin moisturiser which enhances the bioavailability of the active ingredients
Available exclusively at Boots and, hydraluron moisture jelly retails at £24.99 for 30ml. The hydraluron range is currently on sale and you can buy Indeed Labs first ever moisturiser for £16.66 here - if you miss it however, this offer often comes back.

Will you be trying the new hydraluron moisture jelly? What's your favourite Indeed Labs product? I'd love to hear your recommendations!


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The items in this post were gifted to me. All opinions and thoughts are my own and 100% honest.


  1. I've never tried the range but sometimes my skin gets dry from eczema/skin irritations - might be worth a look in the future :)
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

    1. Mine gets dry with eczema also, sometimes moisturisers only aggravate the problem or they end up breaking me out as my skin is so sensitive and blemish-prone, but I've no problems at all with these! Hope you get on with them if you do try them :) x

  2. Sorry, clickable link is <a href="”>here</a> eek, sorry! xx

  3. No problem! Thanks Em, that's so kind of you :) hope you have a lovely rest of your week x

  4. This product sounds amazing, what a great opportunity to be contacted by Indeed labs. Great review :) x


    1. Thanks, Laura :) it was, I was a very happy girl to receive an invite! x

  5. The moisture jelly sounds great! I have blemish-prone skin too and it's hard to find a moisturizer that won't break me out. The whole range has been so raved about!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. I feel your pain, girl! It's so difficult to find products that don't upset my skin. I'm currently doing the Whole 30 Program ( and my skin has become a lot clearer, so I'm wondering whether it was dairy or something that was making my skin so bad. I really hope you like this if you decide to get it, it's a great hydrating little number :) x