Crabtree & Evelyn Goatmilk & Oat Bath Milk

10 March 2018

Ten To Try (February) #4:
Crabtree & Evelyn Goatmilk & Oat Bath Milk

Described as
"Specially developed for reactive and sensitive skin types, it transforms the water into a silken emulsion"

At the start of the month, Meg says...
This is rather the generic statement, I realise, but I just love a good bath. There's an art to creating the best blissful bath (maybe there's a blog post in there?) and although I opt for a shower whenever possible to save water, having a chronic illness and insomnia means that a nice soak can ease painful joints and help quieten my mind. I've really gotten into Crabtree & Evelyn as of late and have fallen in love with the scents this brand offers, so today I wanted to review their bath milk as its been a highlight of my February and it's always a pleasure to share products I love with you all.

Even though there's a hefty 500ml of product in here, the bottle manages not to take up a ton of space on the edge of the bath and it's a pleasure to have it on display rather than hiding it away in the bathroom cupboard. I adore the label, everything from the pretty light blue colour to the sweet little sketch to how it's very neat and delicate in appearance - I actually find it very relaxing to look at!

I know I've had a little swoon over how nice Crabtree & Evelyn's fragrances are in this post already, but I need to have another as this smells heavenly. It's the kind of product you open and sniff constantly every time you pass it, the perfect clean scent that's fresh in a really soft way - like brushed cotton sheets or fluffy spa towels.

This doesn't offer much in the way of bubbles (but then again it's a bath milk, not bubble bath!) and instead presents a tub full of warm, silky water for you to dip yourself into. There's a reason why the word 'soothing' is printed across the bottle as this is definitely that, I almost feel like it's a comforting hug and as an eczema sufferer I'm reassured by it being developed for sensitive skin. When I was younger someone recommended that I switch from cow's milk to goat's milk as it'd helpful my eczema - I can't actually remember whether it worked or not, but it means that this containing goat's milk makes perfect sense in my head! Stepping out of the bath and feeling like the product I used has made my skin feel all soft and supple to the point where I don't need moisturiser is glorious, and I definitely get that feeling with this.


The bottom line
Relaxation is really important to me and using this bath milk has felt like I'm treating myself to a proper pamper and truly taking care of myself. Sometimes I want a 'fun bath' with deep purple water and mountains of bubbles but other times I'm looking for something more grown-up, and for that this is absolutely the one.

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