Institut Esthederm Lift & Repair Eye Contour Lift Patches

11 March 2018

Ten To Try (February) #5:
Institut Esthederm Lift & Repair Eye Contour Lift Patches

Described as
"a high-tech treatment for the eyes which targets the main signs of ageing"

At the start of the month, Meg says...
Institut Esthederm has, in 2018, become one of my favourite skincare brands - I can't tell you how impressed I am with their Intensive Hyaluronic Serum and I've also been loving the matching Intensive Hyaluronic Mask. These eye patches just arrived and I thought they'd be perfect for this new blog series, because as a beauty lover myself I'm always keen to know whether high-end pricier products are actually worth the dough!

You get 10 sets of patches in each box, these are individually sealed in foil packets which you peel open to find the patches in a little plastic case.

Eye patches are something I use on a weekly basis without fail and, for lack of a better word or phrase, these are some of the least moist ones I've tried. I find that sheet masks and eye patches are usually dripping in product (too much product, sometimes!) and whilst these aren't dry, they aren't drenched in their thin gel-like serum formula.

Super easy, you just take each out of the plastic case and position them underneath your eyes, then you're free to relax for five minutes before removing. I really like to get my money's worth out of products so I usually leave items like this on for as long as possible - e.g. a sheet mask will stay on for at least one episode of Riverdale! - but these really do last for the five minutes that the instructions state, and there isn't much excess to pat in.

One of the ways that Institut Esthederm suggest to use these eye patches is as a 'six week cure' where you use them 2-3 times a week, which is what I did throughout the month of February and I can definitely see a difference - my undereyes look visibly plumped and smooth, and they feel physically toned and tight with no puffiness in sight.


The bottom line
As I'm in my early 20s and don't yet have any wrinkles, eye patches are something I use as more of a 'treat yoself, pamper yoself' thing as opposed to actually having crow's feet etc that I'm wanting to combat. If you have mature skin, the spare money to hand and you're wanting to remove the appearance of discolouration and undereye-bags however then I can totally vouch for Institut Esthederm and think you'd really love them! For me, they're nice to have on my bedside table (and even though I know that prevention is better than cure) they aren't a necessity and at this point in my life I think I'd rather find a cheaper alternative (or a couple of slices of cucumber!) and have the fifty quid to spend on ASOS.

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