Your Morning Routine Is Missing This £8 Body Product

23 April 2019

Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle

Described as
"the ultimate moisturiser when you're short on time"

Meg says...
Sanctuary Spa has been a brand that's inhabited my bathroom since childhood (shoutout to all the various school teachers of mine over the years who received a Sanctuary Spa gift-set with a Boots gift sticker on it for Christmas, holla) and something about the name of this product really intrigues me. Is it the word 'miracle'... probably, yes.

Actually really pretty! I've got a feeling that Sanctuary Spa's packaging may have had a revamp at some stage. The cream with the copper rose-gold is gorgeous (a definite 'on the edge of the bath rather than in the cupboard' product) and you get a decent 200ml inside.

Like yoghurt, but a thin one... think your Actimel drink rather than your thick Liberté. Honestly, my comparisons in these blog post reviews really do know no bounds. It's got a lovely light consistency - not too watery so that it runs everywhere, but liquid enough to be able to apply it in (to quote Rowan Atkinson in Love Actually) the flashiest of flashes.

This is the highlight! Never in my life have I tried a body product that's as quick and as effective as this. Sanctuary Spa recommend that you apply this whilst you're still in the shower (after you've turned the water off, you put it all over then step out and pat yourself dry without rinsing it off) but I do it slightly differently - such a rebel, I know. I hop out of the shower, dab my skin with a towel then whack the Wet Skin Moisture Miracle all over. This application, from top to toe, takes approximately thirty seconds. Honestly, I'd be surprised if it was longer than that - it IS a miracle!

The miraculousness of this product continues, as it soaks in in an instant (wow, how many 'ins' are there in this sentence) and you can get dressed immediately, making it the ultimate morning product for anyone who's low on time or energy or the motivation to stand in the bathroom applying thick body butter for ten minutes.

Ooh, that Sanctuary Spa Classic scent! If you're British and into your beauty products then I'm gonna guess that you know exactly what I mean, but if you don't however, it's an exotic blend of jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli and bergamot and it's gorgeous. I've also just discovered that they do two other scents also (I can't even tell you how much this new knowledge has excited me, it's impressive that I haven't left my desk to run to the closest shop in search of them) which are Green Lemon & Orange Blossom and White Lily & Damask Rose. Edit: you can tell by the photo that I've ended up acquiring the latter, as after I finished writing this blog post, shop run was imminent - I can confirm that it's gorgeous!

A beautifully soft skin with minimal effort. Your skin's optimum hydration moment is when it's wet, so it makes perfect sense to cover it in something easily absorbable and nourishing at this time and it really is as simple as running your hands over your body post-shower!


The bottom line
I'm obsessed. I love how nice my skin feels post-application and throughout the day, as the hydration really does last for hours and hours, and as it's ridiculously quick it feels like there's no excuse not to use it on a daily basis. Sanctuary Spa is always on 3 for 2 at Boots (or a similar offer, like buy one get another half price) in case, y'know, you needed another reason to try the Wet Skin Miracle Moisture after this absolutely glowing review!

Photos by Megan Duffield Photography

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