Everything You Need To Know About Glossier's New Serum/Oil: Futuredew

14 October 2019

Described as
"a new skincare step that packs a one-two punch: an instant glow, plus hydration and skin-nourishing ingredients. When you apply it today, you not only get the instant dewy glow from light-reflecting minerals payoff - you start feeding your skin what it needs to wake up brighter-looking and more moisturised tomorrow"

Meg says...
On the day that Harry Styles kickstarted HS2 with his new single Lights Up, the postman knocked on my door with an unreleased Glossier skincare product called Futuredew  - tell me, has my personal brand ever been more represented? I think not!

Trust Glossier to *invent* a step in our routine that we didn't know we needed until now. The press release literally calls it "a new category of skincare" and it promises "your healthiest-looking, dewiest most radiant skin". Designed to mimic the sheen your skin has after you've applied all of your skincare, I'm expecting glow by the bucketload...


Faultless, in terms of function and cuteness alike! Practically it's brilliant - just the right neat size, in heavy-duty glass that's actually fine for travelling and with a lid that actually can't fall off. Now for the fun stuff - it's metallic y'all! The classic #glossierpink lid sits atop a sheeny-shiny bottle that appears a sparkly light pink but shifts into purple or lilac or blue or green or red depending on how the light hits. Kacey Musgraves didn't write the song 'Rainbow' about it, but she could have.

Glossier call it an "oil serum hybrid", an accurate description as the consistency is that of adding a few drops of oil to the balmiest serum you own. In fact, balmy is the takeaway word here - it isn't thick but it definitely has some tack and grip to it.

We're advised to apply two pumps all over as the last step in our routine. Unsure about where SPF comes into this ~new~ skincare routine? I was too, so I sent the gTeam a DM and they confimed that it's as follows: skincare, then Invisible Shield (or whatever SPF you use), then Futuredew. Apply makeup on top as your final step if you wear it!

One pump is sufficient. Two is nice but a bottle is 30ml, and at £23 for what's essentially a very 'extra' step, I'd whizz through it - plus, one is enough for me and I have dry skin.

Lavender, unexpectedly! The scent is exactly like something you'd spritz on your pillow to help you sleep - I stuck this under my boyfriend's nose with a 'smell this!' command and his comment was "lavender, it's medicinal... I'm getting Play-Doh. Do you not think it smells like Play-Doh?" To me, it's best summed up as 'herbal'.

Out of the bottle it's a light peach color with teeny pinky golden sparkles in it (Glossier call these "light-reflecting minerals", naturally) and it blends into skin with no visible colour.

An immediately and visibly plumper face. It instantly makes your skin look incredibly hydrated, even if it isn't, which makes perfect sense seeing as it's designed to look like you've got a ton of skincare on - and for that look to last. Upon application your skin looks incredibly shiny, but the shine does die down with time and becomes luminous rather than oily.

As for makeup, it applies as normal on top of Futuredew as it would with a regular primer and it lasts, surprisingly! My first thoughts were "my skin looks as healthy and glowing as it can, but my foundation is surely going to slide off within an hour", but the coverage and finish actually looked great after 7 hours with Futuredew as its base.

The bottom line
If you're oily then the sheen might be too much for you, however, as someone with a dry skin-type who's living in the UK in October - it's a yes from me! It's probably not something I'd use everyday: more a product I'll reach for after a night out or a flight, or when my skin is looking particularly parched and in need of an extra hydration hit plus glow.

Glossier are great at coming up with (very millennial aesthetic) ideas that nobody has thought of before, and this is another one: something that makes your skin look like you've got the #shelfie of a Vogue coverstar, even if it's literally the only product you've applied.

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