Charlotte Tilbury Youth Glow Primer: Yay or Nay?

15 October 2019

Charlotte Tilbury Brightening Youth Glow Primer

Described as
"an anti-ageing, colour-correcting, glow-boosting primer to help even your skin tone and [appear to] blur away blemishes"

Meg says...
As a big Charlotte Tilbury fan (I rarely try anything I don't end up loving from her range and many have holy grail status for me) I've got high hopes for this. Primer isn't something I reach for on a daily basis, so it'll be interesting to see whether that changes - I think it'll have to be really amazing for me to remember to use it before I have that 'doh, totally forgot to put any on and I'm already halfway through my foundation' feeling!

Luxe af, as you'd expect from The Tilbs - the gold lid (that has an extremely satisfying 'click', may I add) and sleek thin design looks extremely pretty! It's also really practical - the squeezy plastic body combined with the thin pointed nozzle makes dispensing super easy and you'll have zero problems travelling with this baby.

This has the consistency of a light, liquid-y moisturiser or sunscreen - think the majority of your skincare cabinet that comes with a pump.

Quick and foolproof. Massage a blob all over your face (you control the amount, more product = more sheen) and watch how quickly it sinks in and becomes one with your skin. My foundation (I'm currently using Benefit Hello Happy) sits beautifully on top when I first apply it, although I do notice that my base doesn't last as long when I use the Youth Glow Primer (especially on my forehead) so I  use a touch more powder to ensure even coverage.

There's a slight rose scent, but it's very inoffensive and I personally really love it.

The product is the same colour you can see in the tube (white, with a opalescent sheen to it) which blends out to leave a pearly glow on the skin. It's well worth pointing out at this point that I'm a pale white woman and am not sure how this would sit on darker skin as it does leave a faint 'brightness' behind - Wonder Glow may be a better option.

My complexion looks visibly brighter with a noticeable glow. As for the colour-correcting claims this product makes I can't see I see much of a difference - any blemishes don't look any less red nor my dark circles any less purple - but I do like how it 'blurs' imperfections like large pores and dullness. This would be great on holiday with just concealer!


The bottom line
On the whole I like this product, mainly because it offers a pearly sheeny base that shines through my foundation, concealer and powder and makes everything look that bit more dewy and luminous. The price, however, is an issue for me as I often forget to use it after I've done my skincare/SPF and for a £40 primer, I want it to be so good that it doesn't slip my mind. I feel as though right now - in my fine line-less early 20s - I'm happy to use a blinding highlight for extra glow, whereas in my 30s and 40s I'm imagining that I'll be much more inclined to use products that make my skin look amazing in a more natural, lit from within way. So, with that being said - see you in 2034, Youth Glow, you're a definite yay!

Photos by Megan Duffield Photography

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